How to enjoy the gym – A beginners guide

October 12, 2015 10:05 am

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Being fit is very much the “in thing” right now – something that we are all thoroughly reminded of through internet sites, television programmes, newspapers, magazines and so forth. It’s an ongoing trend that doesn’t seem likely to run out of steam any time soon.

Consequently I can assume that, in addition to your exceptionally strict (on and off) dieting regime, you have tied yourself into a shiny new gym contract in an attempt to tone up and transform into Kendall Jenner’s doppelganger.

Regrettably, many of us purchase these fairly pricey memberships in the hope that we will become a full on dedicated gym bunny, but the disappointing reality points to the fact that majority of us are just not these social media formed fitness fanatics with a natural love for all things kale.

The indisputable truth is that most of us have varying commitments including full-time jobs, children, food shopping, doctors’ appointments and relationships to keep afloat – just to name a few. So where does one find the time to squeeze in that all important exercise session?

The simple actuality is that our health is a pretty high priority. If you’ve got your health, the world is your oyster, and if the gym is the only way you are going to fit in some working out, read on and discover how to make this into a rewarding hobby, rather than a dull – and rather sweaty – chore…


  • Join a gym that is close to where you live – even if this consequently works out at slightly more money each month, the result will be that due to the convenience, you are much more likely to visit on a regular basis. One of the most off-putting things about the gym is trying to muster the energy to go in the first place. If possible, find a gym you can walk to in order to gain double fitness points.


  • Find a gym buddy – there is nothing worse than desperately trying to find the motivation to work out on your own. Having a companion to drag along with you does tend to make the whole experience a lot more bearable, and adds a social element to the activity. Working out with a friend allows you to encourage one another in addition to having your weekly catch up. If you can’t find someone to take with you however, use those free personal training sessions to your advantage.


  • Treat yourself to some decent gym clothing and accessories without going overboard – if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing to the gym, you are much more likely to have a productive work out. Don’t be that person who pulls down their skin-tight top every five seconds on the treadmill. Top tip – if you can, acquire some good quality in-ear headphones. These will block out background noise and help you to focus. Be sure to load up your music device with a variety of upbeat songs to keep your enthusiasm going throughout the entirety of the session.



  • Take the time to discover a type of exercise that you (at least slightly) enjoy doing – ultimately, if you find yourself receiving absolutely no enjoyment out of the training you are doing, then stop and find something else. Don’t force yourself to half-heartedly cycle on the bike for half an hour every time you go if you absolutely detest it. Try something like the elliptical machine (the one that’s kind of like a cross trainer mixed with a bicycle), or head to the weights section and pluck up the courage to ask a gym employee to show you the basics. Once you know what works for you, the whole routine of going to the gym will become somewhat more appealing.


  • Still struggling? If in doubt, book yourself onto a class. Getting into a solid routine when you’re starting out is never easy, but by reserving yourself a space, you immediately feel more inclined to go – after all, calling up to cancel is always a little awkward. The majority of gyms usually have a variety of classes to choose from that are on throughout the day, which is the bonus point of this option – if you don’t like a class, just try something different another time. Make the most of your membership and find your ideal workout.

cycling class at gym


  • Don’t punish yourself for not being the best you can be on day one. Building up your strength and stamina doesn’t provide you with immediate results. Remind yourself that a small work out is better than no workout at all, and as the old saying goes – patience is a virtue.
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