How to Dress Like a Hipster

April 16, 2015 12:58 pm

When people go to 2010s-themed fancy dress parties in 30 years time, they will dress like hipsters. You know the people – they hang out in cafes, seem to have very expensive lifestyles but no job and they like very old things. While it is hipster code to try your hardest not to look like a fellow hipster, there are certain commonalities amongst the individuals who inhabit this very 21st Century world. Here are some tips for future fancy dress guests on how to dress like a 2010s hipster.


T-Shirt Referencing a TV Show You Have Never Watched

The t-shirt you buy should feature an image of a television show which you pretend you used to watch when you were young.  The best examples are The French Prince of Bel Air, Saved with the Bell and Sorina and the Teenage Witch. If you cannot find such a t-shirt, look for one with an incredibly sarcastic phrase emblazoned on it.

Trousers so Tight they Make it Difficult to Walk

This trend may shortly give way to trousers which are so loose they make it difficult to walk, but as of 4.30pm today – the trend is tight. To add to the look, utilise those chains which are meant to keep your wallet safe and novelty belt buckles.


Ridiculous Hat

You can have fun with this one. Bobble hats are a perennial favourite but the more outlandish the better. Hipsters have led the way in recent years in the appropriation of flat caps, ear flap hats, and deerstalkers (probably). Feel free to try an ironic Rasta hat or even a turban though.

Carry a Bag (Even if You Don’t Need a Bag)

You need a bag to carry all your ‘cool stuff’. A rucksack will do but you could be wacky and get a doctors satchel or one of those trollies old people use when they go shopping. Nothing is off-limits to the hipster.

Carry an Obsolete Piece of Technology

The hipster trademark is analogue technology. While they may go all out to disguise the fact they use a Mac Book, when they are sitting outside cafes you will only see film cameras, cassette players and outdated mobile phone models.


Grow Facial Hair Straight from a Period Drama

Waxed upturned ends to moustaches used to be the preserve of the very eccentric or television detectives from another age. Now, it seems the rules have been relaxed. The more outrageous the facial hair, the hipper the hipster.

Wear Clothes from any Other Subcultures

Being a hipster is laughing in the face of the values mods, punks, hip hoppers and emos died for (well, maybe not died for, but got some pretty judgemental looks). Borrow from them all. tReds have a great line in skater wear, you can get ironic punk outfits from costume shops and rap-style sportswear is widely available. As Danny from Withnail and I said ‘They’re selling hippy wigs in Woolworths, man’. Oh yeah, you should also pretend you have seen this film.

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