How Millionaires Think About Their Finances (Prepare To Be Shocked)

February 22, 2017 12:36 pm

There are many reasons why the rich keep getting richer: central banks ploughing money into financial institutions, globalisation and winner-take-all markets, like internet search. But one of the reasons has to do with how they view money differently to regular people. The differences between how the rich and how the middle-class view money are shocking. Here are some of them.

Wealthy People Focus On Earnings

For decades, middle-class parents have been imploring their children to save money for a rainy day. The basic idea is to go to work, work hard, and then make enough money so that some of it can be shuffled off into a savings account. The problem with this basic idea is that it is only looking at one side of the equation. What about earnings?


The wealthy understand that savings are necessary, but they are much more interested in increasing their earnings. In other words, they’re not interested in cutting out coupons from magazines to reduce their expenditures. Instead, they focus their mental energies on making the big money so that they don’t have to worry about the small expenses in the future.

Wealthy People Use Leverage


Rich people know that the best way to make money is to plough resources into the most profitable areas of their life, whether that be in business or in their personal savings and investments. If they spot an opportunity, they’re not afraid to go into debt, whether that be through a personal loans direct lender, a bank or a venture capitalist. Wealthy people understand that in order to make money faster, they sometimes have to accept the money of other people and redeploy it to areas where it is most productive.

Wealthy People Think Dynamically

Regular people think in simple, linear terms about money. They think that if they work an extra couple of hours, they’ll make two-hours worth of extra money. It’s a direct linear tradeoff related to time.

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Wealthy people don’t think like this at all. Instead, they think on the level of ideas and then use those ideas to solve problems. Because ideas solve problems, their value is potentially limitless. Fortunes can be made simply by coming up with something that people value, like social networks or drone delivery services.

Wealthy People See Money Through The Prism Of Logic

The main reason many people stay in the middle class is that they have trained themselves to think about themselves in a certain way. They have an emotional idea that they can’t progress further in the world like their millionaire counterparts and so they never do.

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The wealthy don’t have these negative emotions. Instead, they look at where their money can be best spent and then follow a logical path to success. They let reason be their guide, rather than allowing their emotions to choose their path for them. They free themselves from their mental chains that bind them and allow themselves to earn whatever the market wants to pay them.

Could using more logic and less emotion help improve your financial future?

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