How male beautification became more of a fee for a male and less of a female thing

February 12, 2013 3:00 pm

Attitudes towards male beautification have become more liberal over the years, with the evolution of the modern-day man juxtaposing away from the ‘rough and rugged’ look. Globally, the male species is transitioning and reinventing themselves with the amplitude of a growing number of male beauty products. Annually, men in the U.K spend on average £2,000 ‘beautifying’ themselves, but is this lucrative market the result of the modernisation and evolution of man, or is the man finding himself influenced by contemporary culture?

The biggest growth in male grooming can be found in India, a nation which is in its own right undergoing a massive financial and cultural transition. With this, the modern man has acclimatised himself to contemporary society. The influence of a well-pruned ideology can be sought from Bollywood, however, the distention of India’s minimum wage does add some inclement to the adaptation of male attitudes and the breaking of a taboo. India’s share of the market is one which is rapidly growing, however, when it comes to who puts on the most hairspray, you can look a little closer to home.male beautification

Europe has the largest share in the male beautification market. But with all the embodiments that come in the Western world, is it the constant projection of the ‘perfect modern man’ that influences an average male’s inclusion of styling products, aftershaves, shaving products, skin cream and an assortment of hair treatments into their daily routine, or is it that men aren’t afraid to effeminate themselves? From a personal perspective, I don’t know, yet instinctively I find myself propping up a fashionable quiff and dousing myself in a fragrant aplomb before I even consider embracing the world.

Amass of reasoning can be accredited to the social upheaval which is rapidly evolving; the derision of the male species is that of a philistine – an ignorant species which isn’t only inherent on a physical level, but that of preempted mindsets and beliefs which are as outdated as homophobia. Men aren’t afraid of expressing themselves and looking after their appearance anymore, connotations of such inclined sexual preferences for which are more of a taboo, than implementing such inclinations.

I’ve always found myself a stickler for shall we say, innovative haircuts. From a shaved head, to a side parting, all out spikey to a comb-over, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever advertently copied popular culture, but merely sought inspiration from it. Everyone wants to look their best, but it’s a pre-meditated conception of just what is their best. Not many men will honestly admit they’re a duplication of a pre-conceived evolution, but perhaps acceptance is just another way in which the modern-day man will evolve.

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