How a Woman Can Help a Man Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

November 27, 2014 3:14 pm

Did you know that erectile dysfunction may be caused by lack of confidence, depression, and bereavement? The disease not only affects a man, its negative consequences are often suffered by the victim’s female partner. If your man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he needs your support. As a female partner, you can truly help him to get back the lost confidence.

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Tips for Women to Help Their Men Fight Erectile Problems

There are many ways you can help your partner to fight back. Remember that ED is a sensitive issue. You should be extremely subtle and make sure that you do not hurt his ego:

  1. The foremost important thing that needs to be done is to not panic when you realize that he has such problems. Simply make him realize that you have confidence in him to get it better.
  1. Do not ask him to take a professional help from a medical practitioner at one go. He will not like the embarrassment of your advice as well as the visit to the doctor. Instead show him the possible solutions.
  1. In the bedroom, always ensure that you are okay with his premature ejaculation issues. Try to help him get out of the problem. Tell him to try a longer foreplay and consider spending a romantic evening with him before sex.
  1. Read a lot about the subject and let him know about it in casual conversations in general.
  1. Understand this that you are also responsible for him to perform better on bed, hence, spice things up for him with ambient music, aroma candles and some subtle ambient lights.
  1. If he enjoys certain things on bed, make sure you do it in intervals within the foreplay so that he lasts longer.
  1. If he is embarrassed with his sexual performance at the moment, do not say that it is alright because he would know that you are lying. Instead say that you are tired yourself and would like to do something else. When it comes to the bed room, putting the blame on you can really help.
  1. You could ask him to do yoga or exercises as it is said to help increase sexual performance.
  1. A diet filled with a potent ingredient is a good way to subtly help him. For example, adopt a diet of maca root shakes for yourself. It is good for you too. However, it is important that you make him try it to. Say, that you are making him do it for accompanying you for your diet.
  2. Avoid asking him to go for a surgery of medicinal drugs. Instead dick enhancements through dick pills made from natural ingredients are a much better recommendation.

Do not overburden him with your wants in bed, make him realize his sensitivities and strengths on bed. There may be things that he does which you like, let him know about it and slowly he will catch up to your expectations.

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