History of Easter: What is it? Why do we have eggs?

March 29, 2013 6:00 pm

As Easter 2013 approaches us we take a look at the history of Easter, and we ask ourselves some questions about the. Such as, why do we have Easter Eggs? Who is the Easter Bunny? And why do we have Easter Egg Hunts?


What is Easter? Easter is a holiday and a Christian festival, it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.

What days are there of Easter? Good Friday and Easter Sunday, (both recognised). However, some recognise Holy Saturday, the day in between the two.

Who celebrates Easter? Christians, (Religion: Christianity)

Why do we have Easter eggs? There is no definite reason why we have Easter Eggs, but there are a variety of meanings behind an egg that we can use to describe why we have Easter Eggs. To Christians, they recognise the Easter Egg as showing the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, the egg represents rebirth and fertility, linking back to Jesus’ resurrection.

Why do we have Easter Egg hunts? What are they? The exact origin or meaning behind Easter Egg Hunts is unknown. An  Easter egg hunt is a game during which eggs, usually made of chocolate, of various sizes, are hidden for children to find. The game tends to happen both indoors and outdoors.

Why do we have an Easter Bunny? Asking why we have an Easter Bunny is like asking why we have Santa Claus. Its hard to give a reason to explain why such a character exists, but just like Santa, there’s a story linking them to the holiday. However, if we were to analyse the meaning of the bunny we could possibly form an explanation that could justify the existence of an Easter Bunny. Rabbits and hares symbolise fertility, just like eggs. But, the link to Easter may be that rabbits and hares tend to give birth to large litters around springtime, the time of Easter.

Year Easter
2001 15 April
2002 31 March
2003 20 April
2004 11 April
2005 27 March
2006 16 April
2007 8 April
2008 23 March
2009 12 April
2010 4 April
2011 24 April
2012 8 April
2013 31 March
2014 20 April
2015 5 April
2016 27 March
2017 16 April
2018 1 April
2019 24 March
2020 12 April
2021 4 April
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