Enough is enough – hate cleric, Anjem Choudary, must go!

February 20, 2013 3:30 pm

Anjem ChoudaryCleric Anjem Choudary, has once again opened his vile mouth. In a secret sermon, the hate-filled preacher has asked for the fanatics of this country to stop working and live off the state in order to buy time so they can plot a holy war against the nation that houses and feeds them and their families.

As a Muslim myself, I find this astonishingly baffling that this evil preacher is allowed to spread his extreme views through means of sermons right under the noses of the authorities who should be monitoring him.

Why is it so hard for this Anjem Choudary to be put on a one-way plane ride out of this great nation? If normal hard-working migrants can be deported for lesser reasons or crimes, then why is it so hard for this man to be booted out or even punished?

For some strange reason the government who is constantly threatened and ridiculed by this man can’t seem to touch him.

However, when they do manage to arrest Anjem Choudary and attempt to extradite him to the US, he will be given legal aid to fight his deportation, contributed unwillingly by us, the hard-working UK taxpayer.

Let’s not forget, this man’s human-rights are put ahead of everyone else, continuously. Laughable, isn’t it?

This man has only one purpose and that is to spread hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims of this country. By encouraging his brain-washed followers to take action and to destroy the way of life we have all worked so hard for.

Radicals like him are out to cause friction between communities, thus affecting relations by inciting terrorism against the people he calls “kuffar” (non-believers).

His followers have gone as far as setting up their own vigilante patrols in order to threaten anyone who would not comply too their radical beliefs. Because of this and Anjem Choudary’s previous bile-filled rants, Muslims throughout Britain are seen as terrorists and viewed with increased suspicion.

Stand-up against Anjem Choudary:

It’s not just the UK government that needs to stand up against radicalised Islamic clerics. Muslims throughout this country need to take a stance and let their voices be heard.

Men like Anjem Choudary are giving the religion of Islam unwanted and unwelcomed bad press.

We will and should not let Choudary or anyone like him or his follower’s spread this cancer of hatred and ruin, the respected name of a religion that promotes love and respect amongst all.

We are told again and again by leading Islamic authority figures, that Islam is the religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace, yet no one stands up or comes out to criticise such bile spreading men.

The trouble with majority Muslims, it seems is, that they do not want to or are too slow to criticise such clerics. This could be because of cowardice, not wanting to criticise someone they sympathise with or whether through implied agreement, are remaining silent over the issue.

Whatever the reason, all this just comes across as meaningless fluff. Meant to make the outsider feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the fact that such fanatics in the name of Islam are taking over, brain-washing and moulding our youth to suit their twisted ideology.

We as Muslims owe it to this country to stand up and say enough is enough to Anjem Choudary.

Let this be the very last sermon this and many other heinous and destructive men like him should ever hold in this country.

Only then can we restore the true meaning of Islam and live together in peace and harmony.

  • JW

    I couldn’t agree more. I am a Christian, but I have a deep respect for the Muslim religion and consider it a beautiful way of life – more beautiful than Christianity (for those who take it seriously). Unfortunately every religion has their nutjobs who do their best to ruin anything and this guy is one of them. I believe in freedom of speech – but not when that speech is endangering lives. He should not be allowed to make public speeches or anything. I don’t know what would be best to do with him tbh but people like him who spread hate and give muslims a bad name (and make those stupid americans (not meaning all americans, just the ones who fall in this category) who can’t differentiate between terrorists and muslims be even more stupid) need to be dealt with somehow.

    Great article.

  • Zh

    I agree with the bottom comments, because off plonkers like him make other Muslim or religion itself look bad, and then makes other doubt us… Get rid off this animal. NOT happy that my tax is going to people like this in a polite way animal..bring peace by getting rid off people like him

  • RMD

    A typically full blooded article Zaf well done. Nice to read a true Muslims view on such a deluded character.

  • NH

    I have been lucky enough to work with some lovely, Muslim/British people and have been explained the true Muslim beliefs which are peaceful and loving. I myself don’t believe in any religion, I tend to agree with the Darwin theory. The worst thing about religion of any type is the fanatics who try to speak for the majority when in reality, they are a minority. I feel sad that friends of mine feel they have to explain their beliefs and hope that the next generation finally see sense and just look at everyone as an individual, finally thank you for saying what I feel but wouldn’t feel comfortable saying!

  • christiana

    I agree with your article, however I do find the whole religion debate rather tricky. I was brought up to be a christian however as an adult chose not to practise any faith, prefer to class myself as spirtual..This man should not be allowed to preach however the fact that he is just underlines what is wrong with this country. We are way too tolerant.

  • ChrisRobinson

    Brilliant article, ZAF. Many muslims feel the same as you, and many DO speak out. Funnily enough, our irresponsible media does not highlight them enough in their hurry to demonise ALL muslims which helps take our minds off the real issues. Thus causing dangerous divisions in our society. Yet the likes of UKIP and BNP DO get the space to air their vile views.

    • zaf

      Thanx for taking the time to read and leave a comment, appreciate it. I understand your point completely, there are a number of tabloids in my experience that do not allow that….For the simple reason that any negative news against Islam, sells, they are not interested in views that would defend Islam…

  • Musharaf

    A great article Zaf. I couldn’t agree more. It’s idiots like these that giving Islam a bad name. Anyone who would like to disagree with me then please feel free to look at the history and realise the atrocities that fell upon the family of our beloved prophet cause he wanted peace. I am all up for the freedom of speech but seriously, when idiots like this guy living in this very country and getting support of its government openly spread terror then the government should have the right to do whatever needs to be done to protect its people from such vile creatures. Maybe just maybe if the government had stood up to these idiots then the atrocities that the world saw on 7/7 and 9/11 would maybe had been avoided. I am a Muslim and categorically say Islam is a religion of peace and love and hopefully the world can see that and do not tarnish the rest of peace loving Muslims in the same bracket as such idiots like Anjem.

  • Dev

    Great article Zaf. Agree completely with what you’ve wrote, although I don’t see things changing in the near future. Certain incidents like this have been highlighted in the past and nothing has been done about it, like you say, sometimes they are untouchable. But shouldn’t it be a lot easier to combat these issues, in my opinion yes! Do I know how, no! I think sometimes that’s where the problem lies.

  • Bingle Bong

    Great article that raises a number of interesting issues Zaf. We are living in highly sensitive times and sensible people often feel vilified or are branded a racist when discussing these sensitive issues surrounding religion and culture; not only terrorism, but halal slaughter and women’s rights in particular, to name but a few. People may find remaining quiet is the better option – rather than speaking out against oppressive traditions, or in this case fundamentalist insanity – for fear of being labelled intolerant or prejudiced. This unfortunately all-too-often leaves the forum to be dominated by extreme views at both end of the spectrum, and the lesser-educated and the vulnerable are at risk of subscribing to these beliefs. As a White British Atheist I’m fortunate to have visited Mosques from Bosnia to Brunei, and hung out with Muslims in West Africa and the West End. I see beyond the scaremongering but until we get people really debating these issues sensibly I don’t see solutions. Keep bringing these issues for debate Zaf, and encourage those ‘real’ Muslims to confidently denounce this extremist lunacy.

  • dhgioraoeige

    What a liar. Chowderhead is the true face of pigslam and shows you filthy bomb happy child rapsts for what you really are! The enemy!

    • helen

      hahaha… that’s all you can do with such a comment…thanx for taking time out of your busy “hating” life …appreciate it

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