Green Day “Kill The D.J.” Single Review

August 15, 2012 8:00 pm

So Green Day have been pretty generous with their new material lately. First we had “Oh Love”, then “Let Yourself Go”, which was a much welcomed return to the Green day of old, and now we have “Kill The D.J.” which is probably the best release from the new album yet, it’s a fun and funky track that shows us a bright new direction for the band, with a catchy melody and an even more infectious chorus.

On first impression I wasn’t hugely impressed by the single, mainly because ever since the trailer for “¡Uno!” came out I’d been looking forward to this track the most and I feel my expectations for the full release may have been a tad too high. The thirty second clip of “Kill The D.J.” that was used in the trailer for “¡Uno!”  had me hooked from the go and put any doubt I had to rest that Green Day were not going to deliver on this next album.

But on my initial listen to the full track the song seemed to drag. It didn’t fill me with that sense of energy and eagerness I got the first time I heard the clip. It wasn’t that I thought the track was bad, more I didn’t think much about it at all. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t brilliant either, just an okay song with an okay melody. Nothing special but nothing awful either.

Oh how misguided our first impressions can be because this song grew on me faster than any other has this year.

The riff to this song is like a drug. No, it is a drug. Addictive and sweet.  It’ll draw you in whether you’re a fan of Green Day or not, out of curiosity, or because (like I was) you’re mad about it ten seconds in. It is extremely dance and funk orientated and has big seventies, retro vibe. Which is strange to say because this isn’t like anything we are used to hearing from Green Day. In fact you can’t compare the sound of this song to any of their other tracks at all. But there’s a certain sense of relief and fresh excitement about this one, it’s the trios way of saying “Hey guys, we won’t give you the same old same old, don’t worry.”

Is this the Green Day we are used to? No. But is this what we’d expect from Green Day? Of course! The band have proven time and again, even back in the days of “Warning” and “Nimrod”, that they’re quite capable of slipping into different genres and experimenting with different sounds to great success.

If anything, “Kill The D.J.” and “Let Yourself Go” have instilled me with hope that at least “¡Uno!” will be a fun and enjoyable listen and may even surprise us with a few more aces up its sleeve like “D.J.”. I’ll reserve my pre-release judgement on “¡Dos!” and “¡Tre!” for when we get our first official singles, but for now I await “¡Uno!” with great anticipation and an almost childlike eagerness. September Twenty-Fifth can’t come soon enough.   

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