Green and Pleasant Land or Dark Satanic Windmills?

November 12, 2012 10:56 pm

Our ‘Dark Satanic Mills’…

How do you like the countermeasures your elected representatives have given us to combat climate-change? After all, you wouldn’t have elected them without their “green” credentials, would you? Every politician knows that current science suggests we burn less of those damaging fossil fuels in order to preserve our planet  so man can live here. Surely even the sceptics, who maintain that climate change is a  naturally occurring  feature of our planet, understand that the current manifestations require urgent action – don’t they? Well yes, but what is a politician to do with all this science? Answer: Don’t let climate change ruin our earth with those gases, just scar and deface its most scenic areas and thereby take away one of the reasons for living in and visiting our country.

For those who do live, work or visit the British countryside and are aware of the inheritance of charm and beauty that we have cherished for timeless generations, this recent act of destruction by the placing of windfarms across great tracts of our countryside is baffling. After all, why try to give yourself “green” credentials by the wanton destruction of our irreplaceable heritage? Well, the part answer we all know is filthy lucca, money for the uninitiated, which we as taxpayers are throwing in bucketfuls at these modern ‘dark satanic windmills’

Do we really want our countryside spoiled by this?

And what of us, the voting public? Why do we continue to elect such representatives who act with such ineptitude? The answer is bribery. In the hamlets, villages and communities up and down this pleasant land, windfarm companies shower down large sums to ‘give community benefit’ and wish us to share in the ‘attractions’ of saving our planet. As they do this, on our doorstep the shadow of ever larger turbines looms over us, changing the landscape from one the centuries have created, one which had been the envy of the world to an endless forest of metal.

Meanwhile those whom we elect tell those selfsame windfarm companies that it is their duty to share in the riches they gain to give this ‘community benefit’ to all who live nearby. A bribe by any other name and a bribe that we as taxpayers are most certainly partaking in! Let it be known that as much as £50,000 is sometimes paid out to landowners and local communities for EACH turbine that blots their local landscape! All this in the grant of ‘feed-in’ tariffs for the known inefficiencies of wind power.

So strange to think of nuclear as the greenest of the green!  Will you want to live in a windmill country? If so, tell your children to marry a Dutchman.


  • Gerald 60

    I can completely see the author’s point of view and to some extent I agree. As a man who used to live in the countryside and appreciate its beauty, it does upset me to see whole parts of it ruined by windmills. However, if it was us with the land and the opportunity, can we really say that we would turn down 50 grand or however much it is? That is a huge sum of money, and for a spoiled view, i’m going to put my hand up and say I would probably take it. Maybe I am greedy, but i’m just trying to be realistic. Nice article.

    • david

      Gerald 60 how right you are. For those who are approached and have the land it must be a no-brainer! All the more reason though to nudge those who decide the policy, provide the subsidy that bribes, and then sit and watch as individuals and communities are divided by the envy that money brings to their neighbour. All this while allowing the destruction of our countryside by a highly inefficient technology.

  • Kathlyn S.

    I couldn’t agree more – my house is surrounded by the damn things – get rid of them!! Excellent article – thanks.

  • A cross scot

    My sentiments exactly! Well said sir! And well published MoonProject – I’ve just come across you and what a great magazine you seem to be, perhaps I shall contribute something along similar lines myself. The green and pleasant lands are on their way out the satanic salmond and farms are taking over. I’m going to run for the hills but oh… wait…

  • Grumpy

    As I stood looking at two new windmills being commissioned in a beautiful (no more) empty place just three weeks ago, the justifiably proud owner told me that the “bribe” of high payments to her for the electricity they produce, is so effective that the entire £1 million capital cost will be repaid in just 5 years leaving her with an income of over £200,000 per annum for the next twenty!

    Only a millionaire could turn that down (but few would).

    The “bribe” means she is paid four times the amount that the electricity is sold for. So who pays the bribe? We do, one way or another. In round figures we pay 10p to the electricity company for each KWH we use, and another 30p via the taxman in a direct subsidy to create an otherwise economically non viable industry.

    And by the way: it is not just the physical presence of these Satanic Mills. It is the introduction of regular movement into a normally immobile rural vista. The photos may look dramatic and artistic to some, but they hide the fact of movement that catches the corner of your eye, so drawing attention, and completing the despoilation of the previously untainted landscape.

  • Cyclopath

    The reason we keep electing the 2 main parties is that there are 2 very large opposing groups of people – the rabid anti-Tories who will always vote Labour, and the rabid anti-Labout who will always vote Conservative. Despite the fact that the 2 parties are as “trustworthy” as each other, the rabid majority keep voting for them.

    In Wales, the Welsh govt stands to benefit financially from planting wind powered subsidy generators in forestry land managed by Forestry Commission Wales. So se don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell in fighting the lunatic renewable energy policy.

  • DMM

    “So strange to think of nuclear as the greenest of the green!” – Really? Haha!

    Also a very misleading title. The article is not balanced in the slightest.

  • Tom

    The title makes it sound as if this article is going to be more of a reasoned comparison than simply an assault on wind farms. While I agree that these windmills can ruin beautiful landscapes, I feel that the issue warrants more reasoning than is supplied here. You seem to be promoting nuclear power as the greatest opportunity in green energy, but I think this is a little misguided. There is a reason we are always trying to move away from nuclear power.

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