Going Green To Make Green: The Business Element

October 1, 2017 8:24 pm


The point of greening your business is to help the environment. Over the years, the industry has contributed to the current state of affairs and everyone needs to make amends. Still, there needs to be something in it for businesses or else the change will never happen. And, there are plenty of positives which is why companies around the world are creating eco-friendly offices.

However, it isn’t all good news because there are pitfalls. Businesses should go green to save the planet, but they should also do it to help their bottom line. With that in mind, here are the obstacles to watch out for in the future.

Non-Green Suppliers

EcoPlum is a perfect example of how every business would like to transition. By incorporating green methods, they can help the planet and boost their reputation at the same time. Sadly, some companies can’t say the same because the business isn’t the only factor. If your suppliers aren’t eco-friendly, this will blow up in your face. An enterprise can’t boast about being a friend of Mother Earth when their supply chain leaves a carbon footprint. Paul Trudgian Supply Chain Consultancy says that the entire process needs greening for the best results. In poker terms, you have to go all in.

Jumping To Conclusions

When organisations hear the term “going green,” they jump into action. It’s a commendable attitude, but it isn’t an intelligent or cheap approach in many circumstances. The reason is that there is a cheaper, more effective solution than the one that springs to mind. Take renewable energy. If you want to green the business, solar panels appear to be an excellent option, and with companies like Renew energy on the market, it becomes an added advantage to the customer. Underneath the surface, however, they are costly and take years to turn a profit. Simply replacing the bulbs with energy-efficient ones could save you more. It isn’t as sexy, yet it’s just as effective. 

Bad Quality

There is no way to say it without sounding harsh, but green products aren’t up to the industry standard. And, it makes sense that they aren’t because they haven’t been around as long. Sadly, the company has to sell these products and services to earn money. So, what is the solution? Well, testing the quality before it goes live is always a smart move. By analysing its positives and negatives, you can catch the bugs before they cause a stir. Plus, asking customers to use the products and provide feedback is a great way to improve the standard.

Going Overboard

Lastly, it’s easy to get caught up in the movement. From installing solar panels to greening the supply chain, businesses like to go full throttle. The reason the idea isn’t a good one is that you can take on too much at once. When a plate is full of greens, it isn’t as appetising. So, take baby steps at the beginning and work your way up to the meaty stuff. Developing a recycling programme is an excellent way to save money and help the planet without going crazy.

The earth should come first, but don’t forget about the company.  

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