Glaswegian Songbird Holly Drummond returns with yet another amazing EP

October 30, 2014 9:00 am

19 Year old Singer/Songwriter Holly Drummond who has already been described as a female Damien Rice, starting her music career at the age of 15 by uploading videos to YouTube. Her cover of Alejandro by Lady Gaga was welcomed with open arms and this was the first step on her musical journey.

Following on from that Holly released two albums and four EPs, the most recent of which were Cloud Nine and In The Dark – the lead track of In The Dark was featured on Hollyoaks in May 2014. Holly’s musical inspiration comes from a variety of artists including Daughter and Regina Spektor, plus her musical style has been compared to Dido, Suzanne Vega whilst also featuring a touch of Paramore. On top of her original songs, she also writes and record vocals for Electronic Dance Music Artists plus she has also worked with promising producers such as Rameses B and Eliot Berger.

holly drummondHer most recent EP Diving In was released on October 20, 2014. Diving In features a upbeat piano arrangement which is beautiful when combined with Holly’s soft vocals and the catchy beat. Fade is a beautiful and heartfelt ballad, Holly’s vocals are a joy to ear and thumbs up for the choice of guitar. Empty is somewhat of a sad melody as made evident by the tempo, lyrics and choice of song title. I love the inclusion of the glockenspiel though.

Let You Go is a more upbeat tune with catchy instrumentals and Holly’s melodic tones. Save You features a delightful string arrangement which is a contrast of sorts to the lyrical content. Ramses B has done a smashing job on his remix of the already outstanding Diving In.

Holly Drummond’s beautiful vocals keep us entertained as always, plus its good to see her building up her musical expertise not only lyrically but also in terms of instrumental arrangement and production.


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