From Bland To Beautiful: Make Your University Room Feel Like Home

June 13, 2017 9:15 pm

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Moving to university is a huge milestone in many young people’s lives. It’s a chance to live independently as an adult, and experience all of the highs and lows that can bring. For most, it will be the first time you have properly been away from home for any length of time, and while some people take to it like a duck to water, for others it can be more of a struggle. Homesickness and feeling out of your depth is pretty common at first. While these feelings do tend to subside if you stick it out, one thing you can do to help you settle in is to create a welcoming room. This will be your new home for the best part of the year, and while many university halls are far from five-star luxury, there’s plenty you can do to spruce it up. Here’s how you can personalise the space, get it looking nice and feel more at home.

Bedding and Curtains

Choose these in a colour and design that you love and makes you happy. Since university rooms aren’t very big, these two things will have a huge impact on how the room looks. Choose lined curtains to keep out any draughts and light (perfect for those lazy, hungover weekends) and choose high-quality bedding. A cosy duvet and fluffy pillows will give you the best night’s sleep, you could even buy a memory foam mattress topper to put on the bed. Since this is a piece of furniture that will have been slept on by many students before you, it might not be the comfiest, so this is a little something you can do. Check out Clever Shop List to find exciting offers and discounts on the best furniture for your room.

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While you have a shared kitchen (and even a shared living room/ common room if you’re lucky) your actual bedroom will probably be where you spend the majority of your time at university. It will be where you study, socialise, eat many of your meals as well as sleep. Most of what you own and need for the academic year will need to fit in here. Therefore, good storage is essential. Research ways you can maximise space, whether it’s with drawers, storage containers or baskets- be aware you won’t be able to hang things like shelves on walls so you will need to get smart about it. If you really don’t have the space you need, student storage could be a smart move. If you hire a storage box close to where you live, you don’t have to keep dragging things to and fro all the way from home.

Decorative Accessories

While you will want to keep clutter to a minimum, a few decorative accessories can really help liven up the space and make it feel more homely. Some cushions on the bed, a rug on the floor and a lamp with a soft bulb to put on in the evenings. You could hang some framed photos or pictures on the walls with Command strips which won’t leave a hole or a mark. You could treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers every now and again to put on your desk. With a few familiar things around you, you won’t feel quite as out of your depth.

Image linked from Pexels

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