Football World Cup 2014: And So It Begins!

November 27, 2013 1:26 pm

On Thursday the 12th of June 2014 an event, arguably the most popular in the world, will begin once again after its four-year sabbatical. I am of course referring to the football World Cup hosted by Brazil. With under seven months to go we can expect to look forward to a tremendous amount of hype with every company that can associating their brand with the monumental competition.  I have just seen the below advert for Hyundai, one of the official partners of FIFA and this release surely marks the beginning:

Despite being a significant amount of time away, Hyundai have already capitalised on the excitement that is beginning to grow for the upcoming tournament. The world knows it is getting close when suddenly their TVs are plagued with footballs and World Cup references. As such, it would be fair to say that the World Cup is starting now and not in June. We should all prepare ourselves for the hype that will inevitably grow over the coming six months.

Having established that, the next question must be, what can we expect from a World Cup in Brazil? The answer, the media suggests, is several fairly major problems. Fifa stipulated that Brazil only need build 8 major football stadiums, but Brazil, wishing to compliment the huge love for football which exists within its borders, decided to build an optimistic 12 stadiums. However, several of them look as if they will not meet their end of year deadline for completion and as such could risk rushed and unsafe building techniques, or perhaps not finishing on time at all. Further to this, the BBC reports that the local accommodation to these stadiums will not be able to deal with the sheer number of fans and supporters that will flood their gates. Simply put, there will not be enough room in the inn.

Whilst it is almost certainly true that this is currently the case, it is also the case that before almost every major event such as the World Cup or Olympic Games, the media has reported stressful circumstances in which there will be huge problems that have no solution. After all, weren’t we told the London Olympic Games wouldn’t be ready and would cost a hundred times what they were meant to etc.?

Brazil will rise to the occasion, of this I have no doubt. They will find a way, as nations always have and the World Cup will be a fantastic event for a country that loves football as much as or perhaps even more than any other.

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