Food for Thought When Travelling

March 5, 2014 1:34 pm

The world is one giant buffet full of savoury soups and delectable desserts. Travelling gives you the opportunity to explore the many offerings around the world. Ensure that you explore your palette with destinations that include some of these delicious dishes:

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1. Taiwan

Taiwan’s culture involves many small dishes; however, even the biggest appetites will be satisfied with the dishes offered here. Ba wan is a large dumpling filled with vegetables, pork and eggs. Some chefs serve the dish smothered in gravy. Braised pork served over rice is humble but delicious. After dinner, try one of Taiwan’s popular pineapple cakes.

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2. Canada

In Ottawa, head over to the nearest stand selling Beaver Tails. These treats consist of fried dough covered in butter, cinnamon, chocolate or sometimes fruit. Not in the mood for dessert? Try poutine instead. This fast food dish consists of French fries covered in gravy and cheese. Don’t forget to try local maple syrup!

pic 33. Peru

One of Peru’s most popular dishes is ceviche, typically made from raw fish marinated in citrus, which slowly cooks it. Ceviche may also include onions, peppers and sweet potatoes. Anticuchos, comparable to shish kebabs, are made of marinated meat coated in garlic. Try a bowl of lucuma ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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4. Norway

Norway is full of delicious dishes, like fenalar – leg of lamb with a special seasoning. A dish of lamb ribs, also known as pinnekjott, is often served alongside potatoes and rutabagas. Norwegian salmon is known for its distinct flavour. After dinner, try multekrem, a dessert made of cloudberries.

pic 55. Hong Kong

One of the most popular dishes in Hong Kong is beef brisket, often served with noodles and daikon, comparable to a radish. Snake soup is one of the region’s delicacies, believed to cure minor illnesses. The shredded snake meat is served alongside lemon, seafood and mushrooms.

pic 66. Japan

While Japan is known for its sushi, the tea flavoured ice cream is not to be missed. Bar hoppers will become acquainted with yakitori, a skewer with barbecued meat, typically liver and heart. Takoyaki is a common street food, consisting of crispy balls encompassing a bit of octopus. The balls are often topped with seaweed, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise.

Keep these unique meals in mind as you look at the vacation packages available to you. Do not be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone!

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