Five Things Learned from The Spanish Grand Prix 2017

October 18, 2017 6:48 pm

The fifth round of the 2017 Formula 1 Season, took place in Spain and much like any F1 aficionado would have anticipated, the Spanish Grand Prix started out and ended focusing on the same two names that have dominated the racing world in the past couple of years. The never ending battle for glory between Ferrari and Mercedes was continued in Spain, as fast and fierce as usual. Much like in the precedent stages, Lewis Hamilton managed to secure the 1st Place, followed in very close by his current main competitor, Sebastian Vettel.

Aside from this almost certain aspect, a few other interesting facts can be ascertained from Spanish Grand Prix, and the ones to follow have been the most obvious.

1.Despite the Victory, Hamilton Showed Signs of Physical Struggle

The widened versions of the current F1 cars are extremely demanding, requiring a lot of physical effort from their drivers. At the same time the can prove quite uncomfortable, a fact also confirmed by one of Hamilton’s amusing reactions at his engineer’s persuasive counseling. As Pete was delivering his relevant advice, Hamilton intervened and cut it extremely short, asking Bono to “leave him at it”. So far, Hamilton is one of the few drivers that opted out of having a personal physiotherapist, and regardless of the incredible victory registered in Spain, all sign indicate his struggle against the enhanced effects of the G-Force, particularly across corners.

  1. Once Again Vettel Displayed Hidden Abilities

In the four years of impeccable evolutions for the Red Bull Team, Sebastian Vettel clearly dominating the international F1 scene. There has been one single negative criticism at his address though, in regards to his apparent inability of overtaking other participants. During the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, Vettel not only disproved this affirmation, but did it in an extremely stylish manner, swooping past his opponent, Valtteri Bottas, and at the same time managing the maneuver of the season. First turning left and right afterwards, on the Turn One run-down, right, leaving Bottas, who was aiming to slow him down to favor Hamilton, confused and behind. By the end of the event, a delightful illustration of the instance was painted, in order to celebrate Vettel’s race-craft.

  1. Team India Managed Another Tour de Force

So far, the most noticeable overall evolution in the 2017 F1 Season belongs to the exquisite Team India drivers. Following in very close to Mercedes, Ferrari and Team Red Bull, the first three dominant forces of the circuit, the dynamic driving duo formed by Esteban Ocon and Sergio Pérez, managed once again to secure the 4th and 4th Places. Once again, the two drivers from Force India have displayed stunning driving skills and maneuvers, impressing the audience and the competition alike.

Thus, the Spanish Grand Prix ended in a very similar manner to the previous races in the F1 Season, drastically reducing the chances of any other teams apart from Mercedes and Ferrari to have a shot at this year’s title.

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