Finally! The Hoverboard Is Here!

March 4, 2014 6:23 pm

Anyone that’s ever ridden a skateboard will know that it’s only really that fun when you know your way around the board. Ollies and Kickflips are all well and good when you can land them, but, if you can’t seem to get them down then all a skateboard really becomes is a mode of transport. Which is fine, be it’s somewhat boring. However, that same mode of transport has been given a swift technological kick up the backside by the genius folks down at HUVr.

If you are a fan of hoverboards you should surely check out the Lamborghini hoverboard. It looks spectacular and would make you a happy customer if you choose to purcahse it. Click this link to the article which tells you all about it in detail and also many reviews are posted as well.

Right, this one is really exciting. Anyone that has seen Back to the Future II or played the game Airblade and dreamt of owning their own hoverboard, your prayers have been answered. Hoverboards are officially here, self balancing scooter test passed! Feast your eyes fellow anti-gravity enthusiasts on this technological marvel.

HUVr Board


What started as a summer project back in 2010 at the MIT Physics Graduate Program has now become the realised dream of millions of skateboarders and tech enthusiasts alike. This thing is a true technological marvel and the implications of such an invention are truly beyond what many of us previously believed possible. Honestly, I never thought I would see this happen in my lifetime. Can you imagine what this technology could lead to? Imagine cars that are emission free. Imagine a world where fossil fuels are no longer needed to power our modes of transport. This could truly be the start of a revolution in the science of transportation. And I for one really want one, I mean, how freaking awesome does that look!

The science behind it was developed by a group of materials science, electricity & magnetism experts. It works using high-powered electromagnets made from proprietary materials and the board is able to lift loads of up to 180 pounds (81.6kg) a few inches of the ground. According to their website, the HUVr board performs best when used over uniform density asphalt concrete which typically lacks magnetic properties.

Check out the video above from the HUVr tech website to see it in action. I guarantee after watching it you’ll want one as much as I do.

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