Falling Skies – Episodes 1&2 Review

June 15, 2013 5:04 pm

Falling Skies has returned for the much-anticipated third series. It came back all guns-a-blazing in a fast paced action scene featuring the Rebellion against ‘The Skitters’. A lot has changed since Falling Skies left us hanging in suspense due to whether the new Alien arrival – called ‘the Volms’ – was friend or foe. Seven months have passed and Tom Mason’s rebels finally have the upper hand over the Alien invasion. The arrival of the Volms – another race who suffered at the hands of a Skinner invasion – has brought new technology and strategies to help them keep the Skitters at bay.

In fact, all seems well at the expanded Charlestown. A relative sense of peace and order has been restored and the Skitters are being kept on their toes thanks to the Skinner uprising and the new Alien allies. It seems that the Humans are winning the fight for Earth.

But the battle this time takes place within the Rebellion. Early on in the episode, it is established that there is a level of discontent for the allegiances that have been formed with the Aliens. Whilst Tom Mason supports the alliance, Dan Weaver, his second-in-command, does not. Over the last seven months, the Rebels have gained the upper-hand in the last few ambushes against the Skitters, the last ambush went awry. The Skitters knew they were coming. Someone has been leaking information from within the camp and all fingers were pointed at the Aliens. Motives are questioned and tensions rise as the Alien presence starts to become suspicious, especially when Arthur Manchester whom Mason has entrusted to lead the investigation into the leaks has been shot and killed by a mysterious figure. Something dark is happening in Charlestown and the opening episode provided enough intrigue to keep everyone compelled to find out.

Subplots begin to develop as the eldest Mason son, Hal who is now paralyzed after events in the season two finale, is having nightmares about Karen, former girlfriend turned Skinner snitch. This was in no way interesting compared to the bigger picture but will no doubt develop into a key component over the upcoming episodes. Anne, who we found out, was pregnant towards the end of Season two, pops out her baby who happens to be something of a child genius after talking after a week of being born. This was a nice touch as not too much focus was put on this despite it most likely being a major part of the series to come. Spielberg and Co most likely has plans for the baby to be a vital part of the main storyline so a slow burning development works well.

The introduction of the Volm can bring one of two results about. They either help the humans or betray them. Those would be the obvious routes and on any other show it is a certainty that one of those options would happen. It would be a shame as well, because either way, we are expecting something like that to happen. But it is more likely that something much more complex is going to unravel, given the success of the show so far in regards to rich and interesting storytelling. There are eight episodes remaining and the investigation into who or what is leaking the information has not even begun.

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