EU Launches Generation Awake To Help Stop Us Wasting Waste

September 18, 2014 4:22 pm

The European Commission has launched its new initiative ‘Generation Awake’ to help educate the countries of Europe in how to deal better with residential waste removal, factory waste disposal and overall waste management. In a bid to make the EU a greener and more environmentally friendly place they have created a new website in 24 different languages that hopes to help the average consumer become more effective in sustaining the environment through waste control, and also which promotes the utilisation of garbage disposal services and utilities like a skip bin Adelaide. You can opt for Sydney skip bins as a means to effective waste removal.

A study released by the Commission claims that up to 72 billion euros could be saved through implementation of their waste legislation. Further to that, within just over 5 years, an estimated 400,000 jobs could be created in this sector to be employed in garbage removal services like Caledonia Removals, increasing the total turnover for the recycling industry by nearly 42 billion. Whilst these figures are estimates, they maintain that increasing awareness of the environment and educating people on how to correctly deal with waste is something that will not only hugely benefit the environment but also the economy in all European countries.

The EU launched an amusing video seen above about “Richard Rubbish” as part of the “Awakeners” team from ‘Generation Awake’ who will fight to stop consumers wasting their waste. Despite their somewhat jovial campaign there is a very serious message behind the charming cartoon figures of shopping bags and a neglected rubbish bin. Whilst the EU has come some way to develop and initiate recycling into the daily lives of consumers, a lot more can and should be done and there really isn’t a down side to doing it. With a boost to the economy and more jobs available in every country, waste management is something that, according to ‘Generation Awake’, is a win-win situation for all but most importantly is necessary to sustain our environment and stop consumers from unnecessarily using up and destroying recyclable materials.

Whatever the outcome, the campaign is a worthy cause and with a bit of luck the “Awakeners” will use their new powers to help the EU prosper in a Green and environmentally beneficial way.

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