Enjoy MADrid as the locals do

February 17, 2013 1:00 pm

madridWelcome to the cash-for-gold town.

“Are you really moving to Madrid? Cool, enjoy yourself…how I envy you!”.

No matter how hot the last autumn of strikes and protestations was, no matter how many bloody clashes between protesters and police there were on the last November 14 general strike: people living outside Spain won’t stop repeating how “cool” the capital of Movida seems to be.

While the global financial crisis has heavily impacted Spanish economy, affecting the livelihood of citizens, apparent habits have remained the same, with people trying to eke out a decent living still playing Fiesta until 6 a.m.

Although the whole country currently has an unemployment rate of  26.2 %, a new fastest-growing sector is increasingly booming.

Cash-for-gold shops called “Compro Oro” have been sprouting up like mushrooms on Madrid streets, with dozens of hourly workers giving away flyers in Puerta del Sol and around the town centre. During the last Christmas, Radio 97.2 FM Madrid also aired a jingle targeted on people rushed to sell off jewels: “Sell off your gold of any type – unused, old, broken, outdated – and get quick cash for your children’s Christmas presents!”.

So, all those wanting to enjoy this MAD way of survive are welcome to come over and get RID of their bling.

Do as the locals do, isn’t it?

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