Democracy succeeds as Conservatives controversial cuts are snubbed in Lords

February 2, 2016 10:00 am

A certain Winston Churchill once stated that ‘democracy is the worst form of Government and one where it can never be perfect’. For David Cameron those words will ring true in his ears after his Conservative party suffered the ignominy of a historic House of Lords defeat over Tax Credit Cuts.  

It will be late night meetings and day meetings in the cabinet after George Osborne’s Tax Credit Cuts plans were put back on the defensive even if there will be questions  raised on how an elected government could have been on the end of such a controversial vote. The situation should not be too difficult to understand and one where David Cameron knew well what the British Constitutional was about. It is a system that is there to add flexibility and give citizens, politicians their say on any issue and the House of Lords is simply one of the ways that this is available. Many may argue that appointed peers in the Lords are not entitled to deny an elected Parliament their say but what is democracy if there is no say on a piece of bill or rights.

In some ways, common sense prevails too and one where even some Conservative MPs will agree. Tax Credits are an essential feature of many working people’s income and increasing cuts will push more over the poverty line. A factor that resulted in some in the second chamber to question the cuts resulted in the possibility of some losing around £1,300 in income a year. Even George Osborne has now openly admitted that he may have to restrict the severity of the cuts and review what would be the best way forward.

Lastly, the people of Britain should feel a sense of relief that the constitution can take into account their situation and represent the voices of the nation. The whole point of a democracy is that all voices can be heard and this snub should be a strong message to the Government that they must represent what is best for Britain. In the future, there may be a review into the system but for now it may give a little more power to those who are not always heard.


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