Construction Firms: The Framework

March 8, 2017 4:40 pm

The building of a great business is down to a solid foundation, and this is never more relevant than in the construction industry. The task of managing a massive group of workers to get a project done on time and can be applied to almost any industry, but with the added difference that you are dealing with a lot more pressure. Throw in the physical nature of the job and the potential threats to employee health along the way, and you’ve got a pressure cooker of an environment. If you are looking to get started in this industry, there are some things to lay out in front of you while you get the structure right.


The Target Market

This is a big one. Based on your experiences in the industry you may find that you will specialize in one aspect, such as niche infrastructures or common building types, like shops. Whatever your experience may be, you will need to use this as a way to get clients. The target market will be the type of client you have had the most dealings with. A lot of businesses seem to think that by having a roster of different types of clients means for a better business, but this is seldom the case, and by hedging your bets in this manner could mean that you are running the risk of spreading yourself too thinly. By catering your services towards one type of customer, you can be more focused in your marketing methods.  


The Right Equipment

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The equipment is fundamental to the whole operation, and working with equipment suppliers is a relationship that is probably the most essential one you can have when it comes to getting jobs done. When you get your copper sheets from Austral Wright Metals and you personally know the people involved, you can be that much more assured and that will help you keep a cool head.  Depending on the nature of your equipment you may need to rent in the early days, and as your business increases in size and reputation, you can start to buy your own equipment. Maintenance of equipment is so very important in this industry, and by having adequate supplies of fuel, like Red Diesel and Red Diesel drums in reserve, you can keep the machine well-oiled and ticking over! The cost of equipment and fuel in accordance with the job you are taking on should be understood, as the cost of a digger that may not be necessary could mean that you are overspending and not making the most of your funds in the right places.


The Ability To Generate Future Contracts

As a general rule in the construction industry, being able to get future work is based on the quality of your last job. Big businesses looking for someone to build their infrastructures for them will look for the most reputable construction companies around, which means that as a small company or a startup, your whole setup needs to be as polished or as professional as possible. People may want to establish a good working relationship before they get into the fine details of quality. So by giving your business a lesson in professionalism, it could mean the difference between winning a contract and missing out.


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