Childlike Curiosity: Expand Little Minds to Give Them The Best Start

January 2, 2018 4:21 pm

Children are naturally curious and keen to learn, and helping to facilitate this sense of wonder can help to put your little ones on the best path in life. For kids that enjoy the process of learning and developing skills, it doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s something that’s fun and exciting and can allow you to expand their minds in a way that’s fun and exciting to them. Here are some ideas for expanding young minds.

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Get Them Excited About School

Starting school can be extremely scary for young children- put yourself in their shoes. You’ve gone from spending time with your primary caregiver and close family and now have to spend all of this time away from them and meet lots of new people. But if you can encourage a love of school, you will make life much easier for your child. Start by making sure they are well socialised before they begin, you could take them to a play group or a daycare so they’re used to being away from you and mixing with other people. Reward them for doing well in their classes, and do what you can to alleviate any anxiety. The same applies when they attend high school later on, for example some children may feel more comfortable attending a high school for girls or for boys depending on their gender. But encouraging a love of school and learning is a sure way to set them up for success later in life.

Do Some Outdoor Activities

Learning isn’t all about the classroom, and getting kids active and outdoors is good for both health and wellbeing. Activities like camping can teach real life skills such as fishing, orienteering, campfire building, foraging and much more. Camping holidays are cheap and cheerful so you don’t need a huge budget to enjoy them, you could do everything from rockpooling to bike riding, photography, sports, games and more. In a world where we’re all glued to our screens, encouraging children to get outside and enjoy the outdoors is incredibly important.

Teach Them The Joy of Volunteering and Charitable Work

Another way we can expand young minds and put children on a successful path for the future is to teach them how to empathise. Showing them the value of helping others less fortunate not only helps them to appreciate their own life but shows them how fulfilling it is to help others. If you have your own voluntary position, ask if you can bring your child in with you. It could be cleaning and playing with animals at an animal shelter. It could be distributing food to the homeless, or it could be raising money for charity. At Christmas time, you could put together charity boxes for children abroad, under privileged local children, items for the elderly or those living in women’s shelters. Volunteering encourages children to be kind, sympathetic and helpful individuals  which are of course wonderful traits for any person to have. It helps to develop their emotional side, which is arguably as important as their intellect and physical health.

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