17 Pieces: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 “J, come over, we got to discuss this in person,” I heard the husky voice murmured over the phone. “I can’t,” I explained. “Ok J, just skip your house and come over,” I listened to the words. “I can’t,” Jackie said. “You have done it before, you can […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Night drew near. The party was scheduled to start at 10pm. But party never started until after 1pm. The noises outside exploded into laughter. She peered through the window and saw men drumming the table as they drink and play games. “How will I steal out of the […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 I met Dave on the Internet. He promised to take me to Europe for the week. He was a thick muscular man who was twice my age with pretty eyes. He was sweet to me and he gave me things. I started screwing him. It became a real […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 I started a real relationship with a boy I like at age 14. He was always pressuring me for sex. “Not even a kiss,” he murmured. “Sex means nothing to me so hear what, screw me anywhere you want I’m yours and yours only,” I told him one […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 I woke up the next the morning and was greeted by screams. Cherry was still arguing with her man. She sounded sober and trouble lurked in her words. I jumped out of the bed and got dressed quickly and dashed from the house. A grey car stopped at […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 As I approach the apartment my hand broke out into uncontrollable shakes. Fear had swept over me and my eyes shoot to the upstairs’ window. “She was never home,” Jackie breathed as she unlocked the doors to a quiet room. A man sprang from a chair. I knew […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Jackie looked glum as she walked aimlessly home. Her eyes caught Pete sitting on the kerb wall. He giggled at her sight and blew a sound at the startle girl. “It is ungodly, to talk to boys,” the cold shrilling sound slowly soaked into my ears. The terror […]

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17 Pieces: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Francis was gone. “The news said that he got thirteen stabs,” Cherry said. She looked at me strangely. “Murder!” Cherry belched. My mind was blank and could not remember how I got the cuts on my hands.  That icy day I was dressed in jeans with sweaters that […]

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