Capital One Suprises ‘Little Legends’ With Jamie Redknapp

February 6, 2015 12:13 pm

Capital One have been very busy in their role as the ‘Capital One Cup’ sponsor this year and they’ve focused all their energy on an initiative they call ‘Little Legends’. The video below shows a surprised and delighted class from Campsbourne Primary School in North London when their replacement teacher for the day happened to be retired professional footballer Jamie Redknapp who played for the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool in his prime. The elated class had a wonderful day of football coaching from one of the UK’s most famous and it looks like Jamie had a pretty enjoyable time too!

However, that’s not all our Little Legends have received as Capital One have unleashed a few other tricks from their sleeve.  They have kicked off the season offering people the chance to take up to five kids for just £1 to any round one Cup match. Perhaps more impressive was their initiative which saw thousands of footballs distributed last October to young kids around the country enabling them to enjoy the great game with a proper match-fit football. Taking the first place prize for ingenuity, however, had to be Capital One’s stunt where they released two thousand footballs from a helicopter onto a public park on a random Saturday afternoon. Kids came flocking as footballs flew through the air in all directions providing an unforgettable day for all present.

capital one footballs

One thing is for sure, as the Cup sponsors, Capital One have outdone themselves and their ‘Little Legends’ initiative has brought a lot of happiness, fun and laughter to England’s streets this winter.

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