Building A New Business Department – Your Common-Sense Guide

June 5, 2019 2:26 pm


If you run a business, it’s very likely you’re aiming at growth. Perhaps first breaking even is the goal at hand, and then you hope to push forward and start reinvesting some of the profit back into your firm. This takes a while to achieve, but once you do, things can feel great. When you start to grow, you might experience an excess in demand. This might lead you to hire new recruits, as you construct a department to help you meet this renewed sense of urgency.

However, building a new department is not easy, particularly if you’re not entirely sure how to operate one, or if this is your first business venture. Thankfully, there is much written on this topic, and much wisdom to share. Like anything, it’s best to construct this effort as carefully as you can, because the more you are able to do this, the better you’ll be able to apply yourself and opt for more promising results.

On top of this, building a new business department can be a truly worthwhile and advantageous approach should you choose it. Let us see how that might work:

Hire An Expert

It might be that you need many bodies to fill your department, and you might wish to train them from scratch as per your policy exactly. But you’ll at least need one or two experts to help you helm that business from the start, to provide their insight. At the very least, you will need to hire one business expert and a consultant, one who can provide valuable advice, and one who can helm this side of your vessel. This is where having an excellent recruitment policy is essential. Be sure to follow these recruitment process steps for the best advice possible, and to ensure you cover all bases. After all, the last thing you need is to begin the development of a new department in a flawed manner.

Ample Space

You can’t just snap your fingers and construct a department out of thin air, no matter how much of a Marvel fan you might be. Providing ample space is essential. This might comprise of its own floor completely, or perhaps at least one dedicated side of the room. Personal meeting rooms, briefing rooms and consulting spaces could also be essential. While it’s important to promote synergy between departments, it could be that you need to keep them separate to a degree. For example, keeping your mainline employees away from your human resources could ensure that when a staff member wishes to report an issue, they can do with confidence.


Invest in their tools. IT equipment, email addresses, secure devices for remote working. Do not simply deprive a department because they are new. Ensure they are outfitted as you hire, or even beforehand. This can allow your staff to hit the ground running from the start.

With this advice, we hope you are better able to build a new business department with ease and accuracy.

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