Brandi Lynn Ryder or…”In Malice, Quite Close”

October 10, 2012 3:36 pm

Who is Brandi Lynn Ryder again?

Brandi Lynn Ryder was born in a small town from California and she began writing at 9 years old (Treasure under the Nile). Her writing career was influenced by her passion regarding art, philosophy, travelling, literature, classic films and things related to the European world. Brandi Lynn came down from San Jose State University with summa cum laude and, now, she lives in Napa Valley. Her debut novel, In malice, quite close will have a sequel named Like a guilty thing. You can find out more information about the author on her website.


You should read Brandi Lynn Ryder’s book. Because…

In malice, quite close is a perfect book for anyone who prepared to read a story impossible to forget easily. I am talking about those readers who are willing to have in mind, for now on, a forbidden tale that must be kept in secret.

Well, we have here a great debut made by a writer who had exceeded any literary promise ever made in the world of literature. Brandi wrote a novel full of allusions to the impressionist art and microscopically images of a woman’s senses. The entire book is an everlasting agony of an obsessed man in love with a perfect child.

In malice, quite close is the title of a beautiful poem written by Arthur Rimbaud (French poet, 20 Oct. 1854 – 10 Nov. 1891) which was poached only to restore with accuracy the unusual story of some characters that had lived fully every fragment of their lives. In malice, quite close is the title of a love tale taken beyond its limits. The book talks about a love metamorphosed into obsession and an obsession metamorphosed into love. Moreover, as we all know, one obsession entails other obsession and…one love entails other sins. In malice, quite close is the perfect proof that there are books that should not have an ending. This book has been nominated to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2009.


Let’s talk about The Story.

We are attracted to the things that we want even more so as they are so hard to get.

 Tristan Mourault is a wealthy French man and the heir of a grand art collection. And she is Karen – just a 15 years old teenage girl. From the moment that he sees her in San Francisco, Tristan is very determined: he must have her. No matter what. He actually manages to gain her trust and love so he can show her every plausible reason why she should run away with him and part from the family. Tristan calculated every step of Karen’s disappearance and makes sure that her parents are convinced that the daughter is dead. And gone. In the new world that they arrive, she must change her identity and, even, her love. Now she is Gisele, Tristan’s daughter from a young relationship. The time passes and Gisele has to marry Luke and gives birth to a little girl, Nicola. And the little girl will find out the big secret.

Poor girl, she does not know that craziness defines great people how fear defines the weak ones.


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