Book Review – 77 Ways To Find New Readers

August 14, 2013 6:10 pm

‘The biggest challenge for any writer is to let people know that their book exists’…

This is, in my opinion, an absolute must-buy for all aspiring young writers, such as myself, who are starting out on the ladder of the writing industry and their first work is, unless they are EXCEEDINGLY lucky, self-published.

Unlike some other authors who seem eager to take your palm’s worth of silver and pander off advice for those who have yet more cashing burning in their pockets, the advice in this book is for those at every stage and from every walk of life. From the things that make you think: ‘Now why the heck didn’t I think of that?’ to ‘Oh my goodness, Miss Wu’s a genius!’

The best kind of pick-up-put-down book, there is so much scope for going through an idea a day, or otherwise, a couple every few days, and none of it is beyond the realms of possibility. Some of the suggestions take guts, but then, you’re a confident writer, aren’t you? The worst someone can say is ‘Can’t help you’.

But seriously. This is my new favourite mini book. The 77 points are sectioned up into smaller chapters, for different areas, which makes it all the better digestible. With helpful websites for you to research WHILE you are reading away and drawing up your own mini list from hers (for which I used my favourite pen), and examples of how it has worked for other authors, it’s a reasonably priced little gem that I genuinely encourage all budding authors to go and get their mitts on. Available in both hard back and kindle (of course!), you shan’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself with a much larger audience than you were worried you’d end up with!

For those who like their books super lightweight, there's the kindle version!

For those who like their books super lightweight, there’s the kindle version!

The book is available here:

As is my book (yey!):

Anybody wanting a free copy of my book in exchange for a Moonproject Review, please get in touch. Helps if you like vampires (not the Twilight versions). First come, first served!

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