Bombay Bicycle Club

May 23, 2012 7:09 pm

Liverpool Guild of Students, 21/04/12

I scrambled out of work at 6pm, worked up after yet another angry Saturday of working in the bookies. What is normally a 5 minute dander home took at least 4 times as long due to the giant spectacular in Liverpool all weekend. Anyway, due to these two giant puppets chasing each other around the city, I was late home and in a foul mood.
I had to have the quickest bath in the world, get my glad rags on within the hour so as not to miss the support acts. Sitting in the bath, trying to relax after a long day of listening to irritable customers who had either drank or gambled their money away , when my flatmate screeches “WHERE HAVE THE TICKETS GONE?” I got out of the bath, even more irritated, and after much throwing about of cushions and magazines, the tickets were found where we had left them inside the envelope they arrived in. Of course they were.
I was happy needless to say, to see the bar in the Guild were I intended to indulge in one or two pints of Strongbow. After a slight run in with one of the bar staff; ‘ONE I.D, ONE DRINK’  (who came up with this new policy?), I was allowed one drink at a time whereas the older men beside me were allowed to have 5. Anyway, no biggie – I only wanted two so I didn’t have to miss any of the gig… honest.
I was ready now to see the band. After beautiful support from Rae Morris and Liana La Havas, we were waiting in anticipatory excitement for the main act.
Bombay Bicycle Club have gone from strength to strength. I fell madly in love with them after their first EP; ‘The Boy I Used To Be’ and have become a firm follower and advocate of the band since the release of their third album – ‘A Different Kind of Fix’. This album was living up to their creditable reputation as a great band.
The gig was sold out and the band most certainly did not disappoint the overflowing room of its fans. My agitation and anger from the day swiftly drifted out of me as soon as the band started to play their uplifting tunes. The voice of front-man Jack Steadman is like no other, completely unique, it is intense and strikingly poignant. The band completely and emotively grasped the attention of the audience.
Some have compared the folksy element of the band to Mumford and Sons but I believe that Bombay Bicycle Club have a diverse identity of their own. Yes, Ivy and Gold has that light hearted feel to it but the band explores much more than this. One only has to listen to their three contrasting albums to realise the true beauty of the band.
If you’ve never listened to this amazing indie rock band then you are missing out. If you’re attending a festival this summer which features the band make it your objective to go and have a listen. Alternatively, I’d recommend having a listen to How Can you Swallow so much Sleep? This, my friends, is an ultimate tune, one you could listen to repeatedly and you, I guarantee, will not grow sick of it. It gets right under your skin in a drifting, dream-like manner, not in an irritating pop song kind of way.
Together with the music, Steadman’s voice is infectious; the atmosphere outstanding; the gig was coming to an end before I knew it and I had long finished my one pint without even realising.
My night did not end here, after a few too many shots of Sambuca on a crawl around Liverpool’s finest bars, I ended up in my old trusty favourite club, Bumper – on Hardman Street where Bombay Bicycle Club were doing a DJ set. My mate who does sound for many bands offered me the chance to go meet them in VIP. I was chewing some of the members’ ears off as well as some of the VIP posse about how I’m a massive fan and had just been at the gig, something I’m sure they hear from girls who stumble into VIP areas all the time. A truly memorable gig and getting to meet the band… RESULT!
Bombay Bicycle Club, you made my day!

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