Best Ways to Improve Essay Writing Skills

October 31, 2018 1:58 pm

Writing essays is a basic necessity starting from a high school and up to the moment when you try to get into an elaborate MBA program. We all have to go through an English 101 course, but mostly, it doesn’t much in students’ lives. Later, most of them face difficulties with writing essays. It can be attributed to the lack of diligence or talent, but first of all, it is caused by the lack of practice and the theoretical character of the majority of textbooks teaching how to write better. We are not saying those books are useless because they are not, you should learn from them, but we’ve also prepared some more practical tips which might enhance your essay writing skills. Try these tips at least for some time to understand if they are working for you.

Steal Like an Artist!

Do not engage in copy-paste and plagiarism, but take a stylistic imitation. To imitate the style of good authors, try to copy the style in trifles – this is one of the best exercises for those who want to write not just well, but very well. Create a folder in your computer – and at least once a week add to it another “student” passage. Only do not get carried away by one author, copy the style of many – all those who seem interesting, talented, worthy of attention. In fact, engaging in stylization is not easy. It is easy to give only clumsy forgery under someone else’s style, but you need to learn to write thin copies or – that is already, however, higher than apprenticeship – parodies.

Add New Senses and Learn to Work with Any Material

It is necessary to be able to organically add meanings which are, at first glance, far from this text and its context. And this skill can be trained. How to train? Well, for example, like this: open the dictionary and randomly select the word. Now try adding this word to the text you are currently working on — so organically that the professor does not ask to throw it away. If the word is simple, then you probably will be able to do it from the first time. But what if the word is “Acclamation” or “Ethathism”?

Acclamation (from the Latin aclamatio) – is used in international organizations and conferences to make a decision on the basis of the reaction of the participants, expressed in terms of applause, exclamations, replicas, and other direct (informal) identification of their thoughts.

Ethathism (from the French etat – the state) – the establishment of the prominent role of the state in the organization of society’s life.

Avoid  Severe Time Pressure

Deadlines are harmful to text quality. Try not to bring the case to the need to work under severe time pressure. The time you spend thinking about the idea of your material is priceless. Even Albert Einstein said: ” If I were asked to save our planet in one hour, I would spend most of my time thinking about the causes, and only five minutes on salvation.” And when it comes to the text, then you must remember that time needed for reflection and writing are equal.

Check Everything Twice

If you analyze all the essays you have written during high-school and college years, you will understand that you could increase the overall grade significantly just paying attention to proofreading. Of course, creativity matters, but you should make as little mistakes as possible to get a good score. No matter what try to leave at least one day before the submission date and spend it proofreading your text. Use online grammar and spelling checkers, preferably several of them, because they have different algorithms. Use citation generators to make sure the formatting of your in-text and other citations is right. Finally, read your text aloud — this way you will be able to get rid of long and too complex sentences and awkward phrases.

Don’t be angry at yourself if your essays don’t earn the highest grades now — you can change it by customizing essays with the help of academic writers from professional writing services. To have more practice, open your own blog and write at least one abstract per day. In half a year you will see a serious progress, that’s for sure. Good luck!

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