Benefits of using hosted CRM software!

August 18, 2012 10:13 am

CRM is very much important for every business. Right from small, medium to large, every business would need such an application in order to take their business to greater heights. Are you a small or medium sized business owner? If yes, hosted CRM would be the right choice as it is easy to implement, flexible and quite cheaper when compared to other Customer Relationship Management applications. This software is ideal for managing customer databases, employee details, and sales information of the business. When compared to traditional CRM, you will not have any hassles in hosted ones.

Quicker to Implement

Unlike the traditional Customer Relationship Management program, information on hosted CRM is stored outside the computer of the company. Here, as the information is stored and managed outside the firm’s computers, it is quite easy for you to program and run it even quicker. In short, the changes that the software brings to your business will be visible quicker than the time it takes for other management software. Not just that, even the customers get huge and instant benefits through the hosted program.  Even the business team of your firm will be able to provide better service to the customers, increase the sales and various other factors at a faster rate.

Cheaper to Use

In traditional CRM software, you will have to make use of additional service in order to host the different databases of your firm. The work becomes tough for the IT department of your firm as well. They will need to work for extra hours in order to incorporate the new program to the existing set up of your business. In addition, they will have to connect a separate server and even create an infrastructure for programming the CRM. On preferring hosted CRM, you don’t need to work towards any IT infrastructure and at the same time there isn’t any need of a separate server as the CRM hosting company would be providing all these services. Eliminating the need of the infrastructure and separate server itself will reduce the cost to a great extent. Hence, for a small or medium sized business, being cheaper is the great feature that attracts businessmen towards hosted CRM. As the risk involved is negligible, you don’t need to worry about losing your investment either.

Simple Maintenance

It is quite easy to maintain hosted CRM when compared to the other types. Updates to this program are done automatically using the host server. Even as the updates become available, the business owners need not worry about the updating and installation as that would be done by the hosting company. At the same time, the host ensures not to cause any interruption to the business process as well. On the other hand, as the company offers round the clock technical support you can get instant help even if you find any difficulty in accessing customer information.

Keeping Data Secure

When it comes to hosted CRM, you don’t need to worry about data security either. Customer contact information, employee performance reports and sales reports of your company are stored on the host’s server. Hence they are highly secure.

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