Before You Go Surfing The Web, Make Sure You’re Wearing A Lifejacket

December 4, 2017 7:37 pm

The internet is the latest and greatest frontier in business. It offers more opportunities to connect with the market, whole new roads to monetisation and revenue, and the kind of brand visibility that can make anyone become a worldwide sensation if they play their cards right. However, it is also fraught with dangers. If you’re not careful, you truly can end up getting caught in the world wide web.


Don’t be an easy target

Let’s talk about the most obvious and the most dangerous risks to begin with. Cybercrime is very real, and there are always a couple highly publicized and damaging leaks or hacks in business every year. They can be fatal, too. The majority of businesses don’t last more than two years after a data breach. Make sure you’re taking provisions to protect your business, both your network and your customer details when going online. Malware protection for your systems and website security certificates for their protection are two practices you must implement at the very least.

Above board and on track

If you’re doing business online, then you have to be aware that legally, it can be a very different landscape, as well. Advertising online alone requires a bit of care, as the laws there are a little different compared to more traditional advertising. If you’re running an ecommerce store or selling anything directly during the web, however, it’s recommended you think about using the services of a media law firm. It’s easy to take the wrong step when it comes to user agreements, storing customer data, and how you use it. Don’t get caught up in a legal tangle.


Go pro right from the get-go

The net is your big opportunity to expand your brand and establish it more than you might be able to with a brick-and-mortar business. However, that’s not always a positive thing. If you make the wrong first impression online, then that’s often a waste of the only chance you’re going to get. Before launching any website or any branding, make sure you consider putting some budget into making it all look and function professionally even if it means outsourcing. You can’t afford to look like a stereotypical no-bells-and-whistles small business or an amateur outfit online. Your brand has to compete with the best of them because it shares the exact same space.

Beware the trolls

If you do it right, you’re going to be getting feedback and interaction with your customers on social media and review sites. Not all of that is going to be positive, either. Do be aware that not all negative feedback is from trolls and sometimes a little introspection, responsibility, and genuine replies can do a lot of good. If there’s out-of-date or inaccurate information about the business, however, it’s worth hunting it down to protect your reputation. You can get such information legally removed, so be prepared to take that step to safeguard the business.

The points above shouldn’t make you fearful of taking your business online. The benefits way outweigh both the costs and the risks. Just be aware those risks are there and take precautions to avoid them.

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