Bear Cavalry’s ‘Puryss’ Reviewed

November 13, 2012 2:00 pm

As always, the 5th of November saw colourful explosions filling the night sky and the burning of an infamous effigy. What also took place this bonfire night was the release of Gosport based Bear Cavalry’s sophomore EP Puryss, released on Alcopop! Records. This four-track firework showcases the band’s ever growing musical prowess and delineates a different direction to their debut EP Maple Trails.

Puryss may not have the ubiquitous catchy hooks of Maple Trails, but this void has been filled by complex and impressive song structures, each seeming to take you on individual musical adventures through the cosmos lead by the inventive and meandering vocal melodies of singer Louis Pinder. You would be forgiven for not believing these songs were created by four lads in their early twenties as they show a mature expression beyond their years.

While most bands that they have received comparisons to seem to be rushing their listeners to the chorus, Bear Cavalry are doing the opposite, dynamically structuring their music so you’re excited and surprised to see what lies around the next corner. The best example of this being opener ‘The Word Canoe’, a progressive monster of a song where the band take you on a long and winding journey, beginning with groove driven rhythms which transform into an acoustically pastoral section before soaring to its cymbal smashing conclusion.


‘Trail Dust and Good Water’ adds another element to the musical domain as the band showcase an ability to utilize their multi-instrumental talents with psychedelic guitars, atmospheric horns and wandering bass lines melting into one another to create an extravagant end to the EP. Tracks ‘Aubrey Plaza’ and ‘Expensive Bracelet’ provide further evidence of the abundant talent as group harmonies,  jagged synths and funky progressions will prevent you from sitting still. They even manage to add a beautifully Bach-esque piano flourish to end ‘Aubrey Plaza’. It’s inevitable that 2013 will see their success burgeon as these intricate and impressive tracks are undoubtedly about to turn heads in the music world.


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