Avoiding Fast Fashion

July 1, 2019 5:36 pm

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So many of us love a bargain, after all, if we go to numerous parties and enjoy a social lifestyle, the cost of keeping up with the Joneses can be a major stress on our bank balance. As such, we turn to fast fashion. The fast fashion is a contributor to numerous negative connotations, not to mention an increase in greenhouse gases and air pollution. From an ethical perspective, fast fashion usually comprises of poor working conditions in other countries. We need to deal with the problem, and as the government says that they are making considerable efforts to tackle the issue, we can still contribute in a positive way.

Do Your Own Research

Prior to buying clothing from a brand, it’s important that you choose the brands based on your own research. If you have a specific idea the clothes that you want, such as suits, you can go to an independent supplier, like Colmore Tailors and conduct your own questions as to the quality of their fabrics, and where they are sourced from. When it’s independent retailers, you are likely to get a better quality outfit that has been sourced from reputable suppliers. If you need to delve deeper, there are many sustainability blogs that have directories of ethical brands.

Buy Less

If you have any doubts about the quality of the clothes you buy, it’s better for you to purchase fewer clothes. Part of the culture in clothes buying is about buying clothes for a specific occasion. It’s all about getting free from that mindset. Because if we decide to buy clothes for one night out, it means that if we wear these things once, it’s environmentally unsustainable, and we are feeding into the overconsumption of society. It could be a difficult thing for us, psychologically, to break through, because of the anticipation of getting a new item of clothing to make us feel satisfied. But if we end up having more items, it can undermine our sense of wellbeing. We are more prone to depression and isolation if we own more. Not only is it about buying less, but it is about addressing our own attitudes to materialism. Many people live a minimalist lifestyle now, and this can add to our quality of life and the clothes we choose to buy.

Choose Natural Materials

Natural materials like organic cotton or hemp can be long-lasting when taken care of. It’s important to look for these materials that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard, or are part of the Better Cotton Initiative. In addition to this, when you wash the synthetic fabrics you already have, you can use bags that catch the microfibres being released. It’s not a comprehensive solution, but it can minimise problems that have already been started by us.

Fast fashion feeds into a culture of cheapness. But as we believe we need a new item every couple of weeks, this sends out a message that fast fashion is okay, and that there is a demand for it. Let’s make a concerted effort to avoid this.

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