ASAP Rocky – Live.Love.A$AP – Mixtape Review

August 22, 2012 6:00 pm

ASAP Rocky exploded onto the rap scene in the summer of 2011, with his two music videos ‘Peso’ and ‘Purple Swag’ racking up millions of hits on YouTube. Due to the huge amount of hype and excitement created by these internet tracks, he landed a $3 million record deal. Live.Love.A$AP is his debut project and is a formal introduction to the “pretty motherfucker” that is ASAP Rocky. Throughout this mixtape, he candidly discusses his influences, his past and how his newly acquired fame has taken a toll on his sanity. Although ASAP Rocky may not be the most lyrically gifted artist, with this project, I believe that this 23 year-old from Harlem has begun to pave his way towards the top tier of hip hop.

The opening track, ‘Palace’, is a powerful and triumphant way to begin a debut mixtape. ASAP raps over a Casino Clams production that possesses a ghostly, dark choir, while still maintaining a truly inspirational undertone. During this enjoyably grandiose introduction, ASAP Rocky informs us of his musical influences. He reveals that he is heavily “influenced by Houston” and we can “hear it in [his] music”. The use of the word ‘trill’ in addition to the screwed sections of this track, and others on the mixtape, illustrate the respect that ASAP has for Houston rap. However, it is not to such an extent that it seems forced or copied.

ASAP’s calm and confident delivery allows him to pay homage to Houston without it seeming contrived. This Houston influence does not only infiltrate ASAP’s music, but his lifestyle too. In ‘Trilla’, a slow and choppy track that is dedicated to Houston culture, he states “that purp shit I sip up”; a clear confirmation that ASAP Rocky enjoys indulging in lean; the famous purple codeine mixture which is affiliated with Houston legends such Big Moe, DJ Screw and Pimp C. It is evident from ‘Trilla’ that Houston rap has had a significant influence on ASAP Rocky ‘s music and I believe that his smooth and cocky flow, compliments the mellow vibe of Trilla’s Houston-inspired beat perfectly.


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