An Artificial Way of Life

September 9, 2013 12:45 pm

As an active and passionate member of our converse generation, my eyes stared disbelieving at the screen, fingers hovered over the keyboard as I saw the advertisement for ‘Worn Converse’. Whilst I like to think of myself as a fashion fanatic, I just cannot get along with trends that seem too ‘pushy’ or ‘try hard’. Which this, I am afraid can be disguised as nothing else.

mf008496Whether you’re a ‘keep them fresh-out-the-box clean’ devotee or you have a more ‘story = glory’ stance on the whole converse appearance debate, I do believe this is splitting converse fans right down the middle. Or more – the small amount of sheep are being herded into a fenced off box. And for those that follow the trend of converse, this will be no big deal. Yet when twenty converse wearers were asked if they would buy a worn model, only a fifth opted for the new design.

Is this what our fashion loving generation has come to? Do we need to buy the experiences that the dirt on our converse clearly represents? For those of you who have no time to get your converse dirty by going to gigs and getting caught in a mosh pit, or getting caught in the rain on a cold and wet Monday afternoon – you can now buy artificial dirt at an escalated price. Disbelieving as it may be that a dirty shoe is being sold to you for more than the price of a clean one, the day has arrived. Yes, we now love fashion that much that we are being sold dirty shoes.

So worry not those of you who can no longer be bothered to live and enjoy new experiences – converse can do it for you. They can help you fake it till you make it. They can serve as a crutch in a world where living is everything. It is my belief that you can tell a great deal about a person from the shoes that they wear. So I put this to you – what can we tell about a person who wears Converse with artificial dirt on?

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