Are there any gentlemen left?

January 31, 2013 6:00 pm

Gentleman: (Noun) A chivalrous, Courteous, or honorable man.
A man of good social position, one of wealth and leisure.
A polite way of greeting a man.

Are there any gentlemen left in the world today?

gentlemanThis is a question I’m sure a hell of a lot of people would be interested in knowing the answer to for a lot of reasons, and why not? There are a lot of people I’m sure that would like to consider themselves as gentleman also. Well in order to answer this question I believe that we will have to start with the basics, so here we go. What is a gentleman? A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man? Well depending on who you asked I would go out on a limb and predict that the consensus on that particular question would be that there is a severe lack of them, but I also think that you may have to take that with a pinch of salt as I fear that there would be a lot of harsh criticism against the male species that may not be relevant to this particular question so I will be basing my definition of gentleman on the above excerpt from my laptops own dictionary.

According to the Gaston Gazette’s Bernie Petit, the true gentleman is the latest addition to the endangered species list. This is an example of harsh criticism. Our friends at Gaston go on to state that “it’s time for men to step up their game”, which is only true for a certain group and we will go on to meet those demons later. Meanwhile at the gazette, etiquette consult Savannah Shaw was quoted to say that

“Quite a few men are confused as to how to treat women nowadays, There’s no blame here to be put upon anybody. I think somebody needs to just communicate that (chivalry) is still important and let’s not be too lackadaisical about it.”

I think Savannah’s point is actually quite poignant (whatever that last word meant) and if you really look into it, between the lines, what she’s really saying is that there seems to be an apparent lack of determination and enthusiasm. If so why? What could be causing this lack of gusto and spunk (no pun intended)?

My first instinct would be to look at myself first. I know I’m a heterosexual male and last time I checked people of my orientation tend to chase the gals rather than the guys. So why wouldn’t we? It doesn’t make sense? Could it have been a gradual nationwide fall in moral standards or more centered around the individual?

gentleman moustacheThere is no denying that there are a hell of a lot of swine out there from all walks of life that are just destined to be the next arsehole somebody comes across. Some people are just dicks. Others are told what their standards should be subliminally via the very media outlets they rely on for their entertainment/education. The few that truly try and be the best they can for themselves and help the people around them would certainly appear to be a dying breed at first but we must remember that there are many other factors towards why this could be. One of them being women.

Could it be that the reason for our sudden decline in the use of what was one of our primary tools for finding mates (back when men had to have the biggest and strangest mustaches in order to compensate for the size of their Johnsons and women still wore corsets) could be down to our lack of attraction towards the righteous and good natured, and more dominant attraction towards those that give themselves away for two fags and a Bacardi? It just seems like a bit of an easy cop out, doesn’t it? But if somehow there had been such a slip in moral standards, whats to say it couldn’t happen to both sexes and the case is actually that, yes, there are still gentlemen out there, but they represent the last of a dying breed, being replaced by sluts and man-whores and gender bending sexual deviants that dress up like clowns and rape your pets. The horror, the horror.

Maybe we as men just cant be bothered for some reason (maybe a lack of sport for thrills rather than the more common sport for money) and that the fate of the human race will be one where men cant be bothered to masturbate, let alone find a life partner. Where woman are forced into an evolutionary change into an entirely different asexual species, and all human men die on their couches watching porn but feeling no sexual feelings towards it at all. A truly bizarre thought but always a possibility. Personally I’m optimistic that there are still gentleman out there, hiding in the crowd like invisible shadows, waiting to be found and shackled to a wrist near you.

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