Apps To Kill Airport Boredom

December 10, 2014 4:09 pm

apps to kill airport boredom

 by  Nick Harris1 

Going to the airport used to be exciting, but these days, thanks to the long lines to get through airport security, you have to spend a lot more time hanging around than you used to. And then, if your flight gets delayed, there’s a real possibility of going stir crazy unless you have enough to keep you occupied.

But, in a way, we have it a lot easier than people travelling even just a decade ago. Thanks to the fact that most of us have a smartphone, with access to the internet, and that airports generally have Wifi zones, we can have all the entertainment we need on that one pocket-sized device. Lycamobile recharge offers best quality and the cheapest rates for international calls!

So, what apps will stave off the boredom through a long waiting time at the airport? Here are a few suggestions of the kind of apps you ought to download before you leave home.


The choice of games we can play on our phones is almost endless – there’s always a game out there that you haven’t tried yet. Surely the old-fashioned travel games are a thing of the past now? For instance, you can play online chess instead and play an opponent picked out for you by the app. Chess Free is just one example of many different chess apps. If you prefer your games to be those that don’t require any mental strategy, download a bingo app too. Online bingo is pure entertainment – you don’t have to do anything to play apart from decide which game to join in. And if you don’t like to pay to play, click here for free bingo games.


There are, of course, plenty of reading apps out there, so there’s no need to take up any of your luggage allowance with weighty tomes to keep you occupied while waiting for your flight. If you’ve not started reading books online yet, then the Kindle app is as good place as any to begin.

Travel guide

You can really dispense with a travel guide these days; all you need is an app like TripAdvisor. You’d be hard pressed to find a place that hasn’t been discussed, reviewed and appraised by TripAdvisor members. You just have to remember though that not all reviews are impartial. The nature of an app like Trip Advisor is that you start looking for one thing and then spot something else interesting to do on the same page. You may have planned to visit particular tourist attractions while in a city, but five minutes on Trip Advisor could change your whole itinerary. Follow Costa Rica domestic flights to find out you van save money as you travel.

Jet lag and time back home

If you struggle with jet lag when going on long distance flights, maybe using a jet lag app such as Jet Lag Manager and World Clock is a good idea. While you won’t need it at the airport, it’s something that you can set up for the duration of your trip. You’ll be able to have a personalised chart that shows you your ‘home time’ and ‘destination time’. The app offsets time zones against the body’s circadian cycle (internal timekeeper) and helps users recognise the times when they are going to naturally feel less alert during a trip – handy if you have to schedule in some important meetings.

Some careful app choices before you head off to the airport could save you from getting bored while you’re counting down for your flight.

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