Apple Watch Neither Ticks Or Tocks…!!

October 1, 2014 12:25 pm

On Tuesday Sept 9th, Apple made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for at its annual WWDC in San Francisco. The star of the show was yet again its iPhone. The 6th generation was in the spotlight. Tim Cook and Phil Schiller introduced not one but two new phones, just like last year. The devices are identical on the exterior, with a slightly different interior.

Everyone was excited about what Apple had to offer, a new design and a bucket load of features. Of course they were. This is Apple we’re talking about! Anyway, I too was impressed by the phones in general (although in hind sight it would seem that they had underestimated several pretty large problems such as the bending). However, it was Tim Cook’s “one more thing” announcement that had me concerned the most. Apple finally set foot into the wearable tech market with its self-titled watch. (Not such a creative name, if you ask me). From the get go, I realised this was a product that’s aimed for the athletic, sportive, and the active consumer. What happened to the special people? The innovative tech company instantly lost the creative spark that its founder Steve Jobs created. For the first time, they ignored a huge group of consumers. Hello!!

apple watch

Maybe I should give Apple the benefit of the doubt. Its debut is set for early 2015; this could be a chance for them to make a difference. I don’t know, sometimes it feels like another ploy, another reason for consumers to part with their hard earned cash. Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly one of them. It wouldn’t be right to deny the entire premise of the Apple watch, health and fitness. However,  its functionality and practicality doesn’t yet seem suited for the disabled.  Let’s think about this one. When is a disabled person going to use the health and fitness capabilities? How is one in a wheelchair ever going to benefit from what the company call ‘great features’? Well, if you want to talk ideas, Apple should think about gathering fitness experts and develop an exercise sheet especially tailored for disabled people.

It could be designed to fit the individual’s needs and diagnosis. Made to motivate everyone of us, so that our lives can be a little easier. There must be an app for that! However, I believe Apple’s touch can bring something brighter, I mean, look what the iPhone and its other idevices have become, it offers a life changing experience for the disabled. Why can’t Apple Watch be the same? In my opinion, I seriously don’t think this new idevice has the potential to follow suit. Then again, who knows what the company will come up with. As of right now,  I have no reason whatsoever to give my money to Apple in return of what they claim to be a fitness revolution on your wrist; when (in my eyes), it’s definitely not! In other news, totally unrelated to the arguments first presented in this short rant; earlier this week Apple gave birth to Antennagate’s brother ‘the bendgate’. According to new owners of the 6 plus claim the monster phone bends in their pocket. Apple’s response to this scandal is one that’ll soften the hearts of consumers. Not only have they apologised but rectified issues by promising to replace broken iPhone 6’s. Great news! Problems seemed to occur with iOS 8 too. 8.0.1 update was denied access an hour later its release. Why? users who had the update claimed to be experiencing dropped calls, and Touch ID refusing to co-operate. Apple hopes to kill these bugs with 8.0.2, its latest update.  I don’t usually hate on Apple, I love their products, its design, its hardware, and  software, but sometimes it feels as though the Apple is a little roar!

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