Animal Kingdom

August 23, 2015 6:37 pm

Elephants Family

Blackened, beaten land has no master.
Hushed auburn glows paint the skyline,
as twilight pulls curtains over savannah plains,
and uncertain times fill the air with dread.

Daybreak comes with sweet sincerity,
the prairies are hazy with rising heat.
A horizon filled with promise and hope,
another night of unease endured in calm.

The gasping earth cracks in sweltering heat,
the yearning of a downpour – a vain prayer at best.
No glib smiles smeared on a cloudless sky,
just a desolate star sending glimmers of life.

Scarcity here, is the slayer of souls,
opportunity calls a pursuit of the weak.
A common commodity, sins of the flesh,
but craved by all manner of bird and beast.

A circle emerges with a birds-eye view,
to a cerise congealment of rotting cadavers.
The brutes had their way with innocent prey,
and now echoes reprise what is constant.

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