An Important Decision; Who To Have At The Birth…

March 18, 2013 6:10 pm

One of the most life changing decisions you can make is to have a baby, to bring a new life into this world. There’s so much to consider… Can we afford it? Is our relationship ready for this? Are we prepared for the responsibility and strain? But one decision not many pregnant women consider until the very end is who to have at the birth.


So why is it important? Why does it matter who is at the birth? Firstly it’s a stressful, painful, scary but all the while magical time and you need someone there who can be calming, empathetic, strong and genuine at a time where you feel like you have no control. Ideally it needs to be someone that can support you through your experience, someone who knows you well and can be a bed of encouragement because from what I’ve heard you really need it. The person that cheers your corner when you have no one else and tells you not to give up when you don’t have the strength to fight anymore is always a good option.


So who are the potential contenders? Your mom because there’s no one who knows you better and she’s been there herself. The father of the baby because he wants to be there for you and the baby and support you through the birth. A sibling because you grew up together and they are always there for you. Your best friend because there’s no one in the world who knows the things she knows and she will actually slap you if you say you can’t do it. There’s just so many options and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. My sister having recently had a baby has said she couldn’t do have done it without my mom being there for the encouragement and support and recently a woman had a Pets As Therapy dog in there as she felt it was a calming influence. Poor dog.

Giving Birth

With me I really don’t think I could keep my husband out if I tried but id want my mom right outside the door just incase. There’s no one like my Husband for supporting me and with him being the father of the baby too I think its only fair that I choose him to be my guardian angel since I’ll probably break all the bones in his fingers squeezing his hands. Good luck deciding…

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