Air Travel Tips: How to Survive a Long Flight

March 12, 2015 9:00 am

We all love and want to travel, but not many of us like the draining process of getting to our chosen destination. Spending half the day in the air with more than 300 passengers isn’t ideal, especially associated with the fact that it can be bumpy and flat-out tiresome.

Everyone’s mind and body is different. As you fly more, you will learn which techniques are ideal for you, but to get you started, the following are the five simple tips for surviving long hours of traveling.

Air travel

1. You must reserve a good seat

Selecting the right seat can make or break your traveling experience. Clearly, you must avoid the middle seat. Having to share supports with two people can be both troublesome and annoying — especially when you are sharing those armrests for 12 hours. Sometimes, paying a little more on for a more convenient seat can result in a much more enjoyable flight. If you can, evade sitting near a toilet because this is usually a trafficked area and tends to get noisy and uncomfortable.

2. You must find a good way to sleep

Having proper shut-eye is very important on long flights. If you don’t get any rest, you will likely be a walking zombie for the next few days of your travel. You must begin by dressing comfortably and wearing loose fitting, warm clothes as most or the aircrafts are heavily air-conditioned.

Every traveler has his own way of sleeping on a flight. For some, it means as staying up all night before the flight and for the others, it means taking a sleeping pill like Ambien (prescription) or melatonin (herbal). Whichever process you select, try it out before the travel so you will know how your body will respond.

3. You must keep yourself busy

When your eyes aren’t tired, being busy is the most helpful thing you can do to keep from tearing your hair out. Don’t depend on the in-flight entertainment system because the selection is limited and may cost an overpriced fee. Rather, load your own gadgets with your favorite games, movies or music.

4. You must stay hydrated

Many travelers don’t know how dehydrating air traveling can be. You must think about it – everyone is breathing in the same stale, recirculated air for 10 plus hours. It does not help that most airplane food is rich in sodium because it further dehydrates your body. Pack your own healthy snacks. If you decide to eat the -flight cuisine, stay away from meats — they are heavily processed with preservatives and additives.

5. Don’t forget to freshen up

Freshening up half way through the flight, or when you have time to break from your seat, is one of the ideal ways to reenergize yourself and power through the rest of the ride. Keep important toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste and face wash within your reach so you can easily get them throughout the flight. Make sure to carry your aligners case along with you when you board the flight as this can help you keep your teeth aligner safe while you sleep at night. If you require assistance in knowing how to clean your waterpick, you can just follow these easy instructions.

Above all else, it’s essential to know all flights will in time come to an end, so just sit back, relax and avoid from getting annoyed.

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