A boy and his bra

July 20, 2014 9:50 am

Contrary to popular belief we men also sometimes have bra problems. Yes, it is a problem no longer reserved only for women. Six months ago, give or take, I purchased a bra. It was the first time I had ever bought a bra. I was a bra virgin; a br20140716-190836-68916587irgin, or bragin. Anyways, it was for a somewhat special occasion and the situation required a bra. Kinda. So I purchased a nice dotty bra. Obviously the bra wasn’t meant for me but for a girl (and thank heavens for online shopping, let me just say that). I can not imagine how it would have felt for me to go and buy a bra in person. Well, perhaps the same. After waiting the bra arrived in all of its shininess awaiting the occasion and as luck wanted it, the occasion never occurred. As a result I am stuck with the bra for 6 months. It feels weird. I want to get rid of it because I obviously have no need for a bra but I purchased it. I have already bonded with it. I was thinking of selling it, but how weird would that be? “Hey, wanna buy a bra? Yes, I am a guy, so what?”or give it to someone “Hey, you need a bra? I have one at home just lying around”.  I’d rather not. I know I should get rid of it but it wasn’t cheap. I do not want to throw it away, but, in the end, what else can I do? I am stuck in this weird relationship with it; a bramance and it made me wonder and think about my bramance on a larger scale. Just because you invest in something doesn’t mean you should hold onto it blindly. Like me with this bra. Sure, I bought it but I obviously don’t have what it takes to have use of it; and it makes us both miserable. So why not just let it go have the life it wants, the life it deserves, with someone who will have what the bra needs? It would make me much happier than watching it rot in place. Don’t you agree? Bras are complicated. I don’t know how women manage to live with them every day. So yeah, now we’re here, me and my bra(h), hanging around, waiting until each of us finally goes his way.

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