A Blast From The Past – Then Till Now

August 17, 2015 11:17 am

Fashion has always been a ‘word’ that alternative people have avoided throughout the decades. The whole ‘fashion’ scenario which predicted the future of up and coming trends have always been a more ‘follow the crowd’ statement than  an ‘express your individuality.’


No matter though what music genre, there is always a certain “uniform” that accompanies the majority. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast who loves to keep up to date with the all the latest trends or a down to earth realist who believes more in life than in looks then there is always some sort of code that most are following whether we know it or not.

Throughout the decades fashion has changed dramatically in what I like to call the three C’s.





Colour was all the rage in the 70’s. Still bleeding through from the flower power 60’s, colour in the 70’s brightened up every ones day and made a bold, flamboyant statement.

Now in the year 2015, the retro 70’s chick fashion has burst back on the fashion scene and has consumed the racks of every fashion stores all over the world.

Maxi dresses have once again become popular along with suede waist coats and of course the unique halo of flowers that crowns the head of all fashion lovers.

From tight skin Mini skirts to the swinging bell bottoms, the 70’s fashion made a statement not only with its unusual style but also with the use of outrageous colours that enhanced the already wacky style and christened the infamous name of being of ‘groovy.’

Burnt orange, striking greens, luminous yellows and petite pinks are just some examples of the colours that the 70’s fashion entailed. Browns and  beige were also popular.

As in regards to comfort, the styles were often very loose and flowing which gave the comfort factor to the outfits when worn. The flared trouser was the most popular in this aspect as they were spacious on the legs yet fit snuggly around the waist.

Maxi dresses were also popular.

Price wise everything was priced much lower to now as in a result in a lower cost of living. People earned much less back then so the prices of clothing was much less and more affordable.

Late 1970’s To Early And Mid 80’s

Along with the retro fashion in the 70’s there was also a new trend that was on the high rise. That trend was Glam Rock.

When we think Glam, we think lots of leather, latex, platform boots, glitter, fur and feather boas and satin quilted jackets. As the 80’s progressed so did the fashion. Gone were the days of bell bottoms and flowing maxi dresses and its stead the leopard print mini skirt was born.

Also well known fashion trends in the 80’s were the infamous shoulder pads, multi coloured leg warmers, Big earrings, fingerless gloves mainly fishnet of all colours and  baggy oversized tops.

Where colour was a fashion essential in the 70’s, in the age of the 80’s colour was out and patterns were in. Outfits were more toned down but made up with heavy accessories of a flamboyant nature, big back combed bouffant hair and crazy experimental make up.

Comfort was not an option when wanting to look good and so many risked their happiness to dress with that ‘sassy’ risqué edge.

The 80’s was all about ‘edginess’, ‘creativity’ and ‘experimenting.’

So as the world evolves so does its fashion but at some point in future, old fashion might just rear its head once gain and find it taking over the world by storm as it once did.

Certain 80’s looks have appeared in fashion stores of late including the resurrection of the maxi dress from the 70’s.

Everywhere we look the past is still in front of us and each day we are wearing it…..but with a modernized twist.

The power of fashion is great, the power it gives to those to be happy is even greater!

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