5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

December 10, 2012 6:00 pm

Once again, it has come to that time of year in which the streets fill with people and the cold weather returns with a vengeance. (Not that we have had the joy of a consistently hot summer this year). The days grow shorter, the darkness makes it almost impossible to rise in the morning. Yes, Winter can prove to be a very hard season to stay positive during. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but there’s only so much the promise of that one day can do to erase my Winter blues. Desperate not to let the chill bring me down, I have managed to come up with a few ways to make the most of this subdued season.

1. Make the most of the warm clothing.

I love any excuse to snuggle in a warm jumper, recently I have been delighted to see the return of the Christmas jumper! It’s not everyday you can be forgiven for sporting a bright item of knitwear, boasting the smiley face of Santa. Embrace it I say! Dig out your gaudy attire and wear it with pride. There is nothing better than being able to feel snug whilst walking around the chilly streets. I have recently purchased myself a Parka that I now live in. What first seemed so horrible about the cold now gives me an excuse to wrap up comfortably and battle the winds. I love to look out of my window and see passers by, swaddled in knit wear. I am especially loving the Christmas pudding hat, originally aimed at children, but now acceptable for a grown adult to show off. Just great!

2. Taste new food. (Or more importantly, taste the free food.)

I work at a little fudge shop, at this time of year we hand out record amounts of freebies during the Christmas Market, and to my delight, it does not just stop at our shop! Walking around any Christmas Market is lovely, it just kicks off that Christmas feel, however I must admit it is the testers at these events that really impress me. Free samples of sticky toffee pudding, cheeses, chocolate brownies, Christmas pudding, sausages etc. The list goes on and on. I find myself trying different variations of food I couldn’t have imagined existed. The markets open my eyes to new ways of cooking. They give me ideas for cooking at home. There is also something about the cold weather that makes the taste of warm Christmas pudding so much nicer, you can really feel it warming up your tummy.

3. It’s an excuse to gather the whole family.

Despite the weather warnings and treacherous driving conditions, there is nothing as satisfying as reaching a relative’s house to be greeted by a warm welcome. I have many fond memories of family photos, taken whilst shivering in my Grandma’s back garden, of a cousin, trying to skate on the iced over pond, later to be rescued by my very cross uncle. There is something about the coldness of Winter that does draw families back together. Falling asleep in front of the fire is always a great bonding activity!

4. Enjoy the extra ‘ingredients’ that are added to hot drinks.

All the coffee shops jump on the bandwagon. They all realise that during this cold weather, all we customers want is a hot drink with a little extra something in to warm up our bellies. Those Gingerbread Lattes and Cinnamon Hot Chocolates really hit the spot. Not to mention they provide the ability to warm our numb fingers on the cup. Bliss. Only during Winter can you get your hands on these, so hurry whilst you can! Another famous hot drink, brought about by the season of Winter, is Mulled Wine. I love the smell that fills the house when making my own from one of those supermarket kits! I suggest purchasing one of these and indulging in this Winter tradition while you still can.

5. The cold weather is a lovely excuse to snuggle up inside.

Lets face it, being inside on a hot day is no fun, which is why snuggling under a throw on a cold Winter’s day is so much more satisfying. Take a second to look out the window and embrace the smugness that you aren’t outside battling the weather. It is much more acceptable to enjoy a duvet day in winter, so go on, put on a film and enjoy the feeling of being inside for once.


These are the things that get me through a bitter Winter, I hope they can bring some solace to you also.


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