5 Reasons Why the Sports Industry Uses Weather Intelligence to Keep Their Players Safe

March 21, 2018 1:06 pm

When you play sports outside, it is inevitable that the weather might cause a problem. In some cases, it might threaten the safety of the players and spectators. It is important to monitor the weather using automatic weather stations and a lightning sensor for keeping players safe within the sports industry.

Heat Exhaustion

An excessively hot day, especially if it is also humid, might lead to health problems related to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Monitoring the weather helps organizers recognize if players are in danger of heat problems and whether they need to cancel or just take precautions, such as drinking more water.

Hypothermia and Cold Weather Problems

Extreme cold weather, especially if it is also raining or snowing, might also contribute to risks to players. In extreme cases, it could lead to hyperthermia. Playing in cold weather might also increase the risk of injury, since cold muscles are more susceptible to injury.

Lightning Storms

On average, roughly 25 million lightning flashes occur in the United States, and no location is completely safe from this threat. Outdoor events are the most at risk, and certain recreation events such as swimming might be at risk even if the strike occurs miles away.

Field or Stadium Disturbances

Weather is not just a direct threat to players and spectators; it can also damage the field or stadium, leading to risky situations. For example, a heavy snowstorm might collect on the roof causing a collapse. Excessive rain might flood an outdoor field, making it unsafe for participants to play.

Hail Storms and Other Extreme Weather Situations

There are many types of severe storms that might lead to dangerous situations for players, especially when playing outdoors. For example, a hailstorm might lead to physical injuries of players. Hurricanes and tornadoes are other examples of severe storms leading to extremely dangerous situations, including damage to the field or stadium.

Monitoring the weather using weather intelligence form weather stations helps you to keep your players safe during practice and events. Find out more about monitoring the weather for your events at the Earth Networks website.

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