3 Signs That You Need To Change Your Marketing

January 10, 2018 3:51 pm

Image Credit: Pexels

Marketing is a vital part of any business or company whether digitally or physically. When employed to its fullest it can make your company do exceptionally well. However, if it is not being used to its fullest, then it can feel like a dead weight that isn’t helping your company in any meaningful way. Here are three signs that you need to change your marketing.

Poor Sales

If you are struggling to make any sales, then your marketing is failing you. Effective marketing should be driving people to your company and getting them excited to buy your product or service. It should also be spreading the news of your company across the internet and physical world so that people have you in their mind when they think about whatever it is that your provide. If this isn’t happening, then your business needs to make some changes to its marketing and then try again. Your company doesn’t need to be selling a specific product or service in order to have poor ‘sales’. In this context sales is the means by which your company makes money. This might be through affiliate marketing on your website or selling advertising space. If you aren’t doing as much of the things that make you money, then your marketing isn’t working.

Lack of Social Media Engagement

In this day and age, social media is an important aspect of any marketing campaign and successful business. If your current social media accounts are struggling to get followers or engage with your community and target market, then you will need to change your tact. You need to make marketing changes and a good idea is to hire a professional social media freelancer or outsource your social media to an agency if you don’t have anyone in-house who is adept or want a cheaper and potentially more effective option. You want to encourage people to follow you on social media like Twitter as not only is it a great way to push traffic to your website, but it also works wonders for your customer relations and overall branding. If you don’t have a social media presence, then you missing out on a mostly free form of marketing that your competitors are likely using to its fullest.

Costly and Not Showing Results

Your marketing should never be costing more than you are getting from it. If you are using adverts through something like AdWords, but you aren’t seeing very few clicks for the amount of money you are spending, then you need to make some changes. This might be to the advert, or it might mean that your target audience isn’t seeing or engaging with these kinds of adverts. This means that you can redistribute those funds to other areas and focus on what is working. There is no point paying for a service that isn’t working and under using something that seems to be successful. Making clever choices such as these will help get your marketing back on track. If at any point your marketing is being too costly for the results it is showing; then you need to make changes quickly.

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