3 Reasons to be Excited about the Hobbit

December 3, 2012 6:00 pm

This article might seem a little pointless, as I have not yet met a single person who has a bad thing to say about the Hobbit film. The Lord of the Rings franchise was, quite simply, mind-blowing and there is no reason to doubt that Peter Jackson can’t pull this one out of the hat yet again. Despite this, I felt the urge to create this article to add to the hype surrounding the upcoming trilogy and convince the remaining three per cent of cinema-goers that the Hobbit is one of the most exciting cinematic prospects in the near future.


People who watched the Lord of the Rings probably won’t know just how much effort Peter Jackson put into the film. Of course, it was to be expected that a team of historians and technicians built Frodo’s sword, Sting, or Aragorn’s Anduril. In fact, we probably would think it safe to assume that Legolas’ bow and Gimli’s axe have its own folklore that didn’t quite make the film. That’s all true, but Peter Jackson took it all a step further. Every single character, from the nameless man hanging around the background in Gondor to Orc number 2113, have had a team of experts crafting every one of their weapons. Every link in their chain mail! So it’s good knowing that Peter Jackson won’t rush the three Hobbit films and come out with B Movie effects.


British actors are in luck, as Peter Jackson loves British TV. His interest in BBC’s Sherlock series led to the casting of the main protagonist, Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and Bendict Cumberbatch, as the film’s villain, Smaug the Dragon. This is fantastic, as several British actors, who we only usually see on the small screen have a chance to appear on one of the largest scale films on the cinematic radar. This list includes Richard Armitage, Graham McTavish, and a personal gem of British TV for the last few years, James Nesbitt. It is always a good feeling to see a good actor get the fame they deserve.


I was playing the X-Box game, Skyrim, recently. For those that do not know, the game is a RPG based on a fantasy game. There is a vague linear storyline, but the majority of the game comprises of you exploring the rich fantasy world, creating your own adventure. It is such an impressive feat of storytelling that I wondered why no one had created a film franchise like this.

Then it struck me that there is: the Lord of the Rings. However, being based on Tolkien’s original books, there is only so much the films can explore. Part of me wanted a franchise that could be ongoing, in case fans had a sudden urge to explore a dwarven keep, the villagers defending their families from an army of giants and werewolves. The possibilities are endless. However, fantasy films would only work if a ridiculous amount of money is spent of them, which is only possible if the film would be a sure-fire hit with the audiences.

Looking back on the original film, the Fellowship of the Ring, it struck me how tough it was for Peter Jackson to pitch this idea. The amount of money needed for the project was laughable and also the CGI for Lord of the Rings had never been used before. It was a groundbreaking film for special effects.

So there you have it, guys. You better enjoy the Hobbit films when they arrive, because it’s highly doubtful that anything else will ever manage to compare.

  • Chazman

    I am worried that BECAUSE Lord of the Rings was so good, this film might not compare…. I personally don’t see how they can replicate something as good as LOTR because firstly the hobbit story is not as good at LOTR and secondly, I think they will have to (and have) gone overboard on the fantasy side of things and I doubt they will be done as well as the last trilogy.

    I really hope I am wrong and I’m very excited to see this film but a part of me thinks this could be what Robin Hood was to Gladiator – we all got veryyyy excited, and left pretty disappointed! Let’s hope not!

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