3 Commercial Innovations That are Ripe for the Home

November 12, 2018 6:56 pm

Technological innovations have transformed business practices across the globe, increasing productivity, efficiency and collaboration. There has, however, been a delay in using these innovations in the home. However, the domestic landscape is slowly catching up, and these innovations are becoming an essential addition to households. Here are three ways that commercially used technologies have made it into the home, creating easier ways to fulfil tasks saving both time, money and effort.

  • Air Quality

Businesses have long been aware of the effect of air quality on how employees and equipment function. Lack of proper ventilation, humidity control and dust mite allergens can impact the air quality in the home, especially if there are resident pets or smokers. Now you can have compact smart air purifiers that clean the air and can effectively remove over 99% of pollutants.

  • Printing

As it is now possible to book everything from plane tickets to cinema tickets via your device, there is an increased need to be able to print information from home. Plus, with smartphones being used as cameras, the need to be able to print from your phone has never been greater. You can easily print sharp quality documents and pictures through apps on your devices, and the good news? The quality cartridges for the Canon Pixma M3050, for example, are economical to replace. This particular model is a business quality option that is compact, wireless and cloud-friendly.

  • Smart Plugs

Businesses have long been able to segregate and control power supply across their sites. While on a far smaller scale, smart plugs provide you with the ability to control remotely standard appliances, such as lamps, via an app. They are a great addition to any home, especially if you want control of your electricity consumption.

It takes time for the home to reap the rewards of innovations that are readily available in the workplace, but once you to take the leap, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

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