3 Advantages Of Owning A Credit Card

December 10, 2014 4:49 pm

Many people think that credit cards are inaccessible to them and that only the rich and wealthy can afford to have one. However, this simply isn’t true and in actuality, a credit card is of more use to someone who is a little tight on money than it is to someone who has loads to spare. Before we give our 3 reasons why everyone should have a credit card, have a watch of the below video which illustrates how even someone in a low paying job is eligible to receive their own credit card.

Timing Your Credit Card Bill With Your Monthly Pay

Because of the way a credit card works, you can choose exactly when during the month you want to pay your bill. This means that you can automatically set up your account to pay off your credit card immediately after you’ve received your monthly pay. For those of you worrying about racking up huge debts, this is one way to ensure that you are all square with the bank as soon as you receive your pay cheque.

Use Your Credit Card To Prevent Becoming Overdrawn

Many of us have a couple of months a year where we are prone to spending more money than usual. This can be mid-summer with lots of weddings on or at Christmas time when the cost of buying everyone presents piles up. As a result, people tend to go overdrawn and can incur charges from their bank. With a credit card you can easily avoid these problems. As soon as your current account comes close to running out of money, you can start spending on your credit card and effectively will be using your money from the following month presuming that you have set your monthly pay date to somewhere in the middle of each month.

Always use your credit card responsibly.

Always use your credit card responsibly.

Security And Card Limits

For those of you concerned with the security of your cards, a credit card can be hugely convenient when faced with the threat of fraud. Not only will you have two cards with two different pins that will ensure that even if one card is lost or stolen, you’ll still take money out with the other, but you will also be able to set lower limits. A great prevention to stop thieves from taking money on your cards is to have a daily or monthly limit on how much can be spent on a single card. That means, with a credit card, instead of having one card with a £500 limit, you can have two cards with a £250 limit each, potentially saving you money if you do encounter some bad luck.


The above are just three of the many reasons why having a credit card can be beneficial. Please always remember to only spend within your limits, a credit card must be paid off so never use it to buy something you cannot afford.

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