17 Pieces: Chapter 9

August 26, 2013 11:54 am

Chapter 9

As I approach the apartment my hand broke out into uncontrollable shakes. Fear had swept over me and my eyes shoot to the upstairs’ window. “She was never home,” Jackie breathed as she unlocked the doors to a quiet room. A man sprang from a chair. I knew it meant that I should go to Cherry’s bed.  I wanted Cherry to come home now. Cherry started staying out late as usual but it got worst that night. I got use to the beating and the abuse. The sex became a routine. At age 13 I was used to sleeping with my relatives’ men. I told Cherry that her man was hurting me but I ended up with a blood up mouth and a beating.
“She never care who was sexing me as long as she had somewhere to live,” I thought, “more like somewhere to sleep sometimes.” I was sharing her bed almost every night. For what, the money and the food? I wondered as the man danced atop of me.  I heard a noise and my ears soaked up the rough voice.
“She is home, you have got to go to the room wild child,” the thick man grunt before he jumped off me and pull up his pants and throw my dress toward my naked body. I was paralyzed by the sound of Cherry. The man pushed me and I ran from the room toward my bed relieved. The sex was brutal that night and my in between was an eternal fire. The door slammed and I knew Cherry was in the house. Her alcohol scent perfumed the air.
“You are drunk again,” Cherry’s man shouted before he started to slap her all over, “who dropped you off this time? I want you to leave this place, this minute.” Screams arose and loud noises erupted as the furniture crashed to the ground and things began to break.
“When will this end,” the words rushed out of my mouth and I grabbed my ears.
“You are so rude, you know what goodnight, enjoy your life and all,” Cherry’s words unplugged my ears, “I’m just simply asking a question and your being so rude.”
“No, I didn’t. I went straight to the bed,” the man mumbled. He remembered seeing Jackie at the doors and his angry turned to delight. He beckoned Jackie to his bed.
“You useless prick,” Cherry’s voice erupted with her hand waving a liquor bottle. His eyes awaken in shock as he breathed heavily.
“I wouldn’t be if you were in my bed,” a male startled.
“Ok boss, seriously though I’m not afraid of your bed. I’m just afraid of no satisfaction,” the words crept into my room.
“Hey, you can answer me still,” the words die and I shut my door and crawled into bed. They were arguing as usual. My life was normal again and I close my eyes and sleep took over my body.

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